Midwest Jeff

  • If you're traveling for Memorial Day, you'll be sharing the road with a LOT of people.

  • Fox News host arrested in Minneapolis airport bar.

  • $10 could land you a part in the new Star Wars movie.

  • Get ready to feel old: The Matrix came out closer in time to Top Gun than it did to The Avengers.

  • Here are the driving habits we hate most.

  • Signs you're getting old.

  • Truck carrying 20 million bees crashes in Delaware, now 90% of them are on the loose. Good luck, Delaware.

  • Even Dexter thinks the final season of Dexter was garbage.

  • The artist with the greatest vocal range is....Axl Rose?!?

  • How much money would it take for you to give up simple luxuries like Facebook, smart phones, caffeine for a year? Check out this survey.

  • If your pet dies, a new app will help you find a lookalike. Ok then.

  • 1 in 5 women get more turned on by this than by their significant other.

  • E! Online did it so we don't have to. Here's all the lyrics from the hilltribers.org new Coldplay album that might be about Gwyneth.

  • Maroon 5 will release a lazily titled new album in September.

  • Women are now getting plastic surgery on their hands, so their engagement ring selfies look better.

  • Thanks to Adidas, "Selfie Sneakers" are a real thing.

  • Here's what Google searches are happening, broken down by state. Shame on you South Dakota.

  • The Michael Jackson hologram made an appearance. Skip to 1:30 to avoid the hideous intro where Ludacris, Kesha and Brad Paisley hype their upcoming singing competition show.

  • Brad Pitt threw Matthew McConaughey a beer.

  • The cast of Expendables 3 showed up at Cannes EXACTLY how you'd expect the cast of Expendables 3 to show up.

  • Huffington Post blogger forgets sitcom's are fictional, says they ruined her life, and John Stamos puts her on blast. Editor's note: this is the first time I've stood up for John Stamos.

  • This floored me: the US is only 6th(!) in ketchup consumption. Canada is 1st. More condiment consumption stats here.

  • Woman furious that Color Me Badd was playing in her local McDonald's.

  • Guy gets written up at work for the best possible reason.

  • Stop locking up your bike.

  • 9 things people would rather do than have sex. Yes, 9.


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