Midwest Jeff

  • MILEY CYRUS was hospitalized yesterday due to a severe allergic reaction to some kind of medication (insert narcotic joke here) and Tweeted a picture of herself in her hospital bed with a toy octopus, whose name is apparently "Mr. Octopussy".

  • "Out", has released its "Power 50" . . . a list of people who, quote, "influence the way others live." ELLEN DEGENERES is #1.

  • "Glee" creator Ryan Murphy says the show will jump forward in time for its sixth and final season.

  • Did you know: 18% of the members of Congress are women, which is lower than Pakistan, Iraq, and Afghanistan. And sex toys were invented 20,000 years before the wheel.

  • Here are the top 10 habits people are least likely to change. It's a British survey, so there's lots of tea involved. Just substitute with coffee.

Every actor makes a bad movie sometimes. You'll find it more often at the beginning of a career, but it can happen at any time.  Here are 24 stars and their worst movies . . .

Angelina Jolie:  "Cyborg 2"  (1993)

Brad Pitt:  "Cutting Class"  (1989)

Gwyneth Paltrow:  "Hush"  (1998)

Ryan Reynolds:  "Coming Soon"  (2000)

Daniel Craig:  "A Kid in King Arthur's Court"  (1995)

Johnny Depp:  "Private Resort"  (1985)

Eva Longoria:  "Carlita's Secret"  (2004)

Ben Affleck:  "The Third Wheel"  (2004)

Alec Baldwin:  "Suburban Girl"  (2008)

Jessica Biel:  "Powder Blue"  (2009)

Megan Fox:  "Holiday in the Sun"  (2001)  (This was an Olsen Twins movie.)

George Clooney:  "Red Surf"  (1990)  (Not "Return of the Killer Tomatoes???)

Jake Gyllenhaal:  "Highway"  (2002)

Matthew McConaughey:  "Surfer, Dude"  (2008)

Katherine Heigl:  "Caffeine"  (2007)

Christian Bale:  "Equilibrium"  (2002)

Leonardo DiCaprio:  "Don's Plumb"  (2001)

Jennifer Aniston:  "Leprechaun"  (1993)

Paul Rudd:  "Gen-Y Cops"  (2002)

Sandra Bullock:  "Fire on the Amazon"  (1993)

Meg Ryan:  "My Mom's New Boyfriend"  (2008)

Reese Witherspoon:  "Overnight Delivery"  (1998)

Sylvester Stallone:  "Eye See You"  (2002)

Gary Oldman:  "Tiptoes"  (2004)

According to a new survey, the average person wastes one hour and 40 minutes a day. Although honestly, that seems low.

Here are the top 20 time wasters in our lives . . .


1.  Calls from telemarketers.

2.  Dealing with automated telephone systems when you call a company.

3.  Worrying about things that might happen.

4.  Waiting in line at the grocery store.

5.  Unnecessarily hard-to-open packaging.

6.  Traffic jams.

7.  Waiting in lines in general.

8.  Road construction.

9.  Waiting for someone to get back to you.

10.  Self-service checkouts, where you always end up needing an employee to help you out.

11.  TV commercials.

12.  Waiting for websites to load.

13.  "Candy Crush" and other cell phone games.

14.  Facebook.

15.  People that won't listen to you.

16.  Emails that don't really apply to you.

17.  Dusting.

18.  Cleaning.

19.  Twenty minutes of ads and trailers before a movie starts.

20.  Untangling your headphone cables.

(Check out the full top 50 here.  Since it's a British survey, some of the things lower down on the list don't apply over here . . . but most of them seem universal.)

E! Online has put together a list of what they consider the 10 Best Oscar Moments of All Time. But it looks like they tried to avoid all the old cliché Oscar moments, because the furthest they went back was 2002. 

Here's what they chose . . .

1.  Heath Ledger wins Best Supporting Actor for "The Dark Knight" after his death, and his family accepts the award.  (2009)


2.  Adrien Brody wins Best Actor for "The Pianist", and plants a surprise kiss on presenter Halle Berry.  (2003)


3.  In the wake of 9/11, Woody Allen makes his ONLY Oscar appearance to date, to give props to New York City.  (2002)


4.  Melissa Leo, the Best Supporting Actress winner for "The Fighter", drops an F-bomb when she says, quote, " When I watched Kate [Winslet] two years ago, it looked so [effing] easy!"  (2011)


5.  Martin Scorsese finally gets his Oscar, for "The Departed".  (2007)


6.  Sandra Bullock wins a Razzie for "All About Steve" and an Oscar for "The Blind Side" in the same year.  (2010)


7.  The Sci-Fi / Fantasy genre finally gets its due, as "The Lord of the Rings:  Return of the King" wins Best Picture.  (2004)


8.  Ben Stiller presents an award in a full "Avatar" costume.  (2010)


9.  Jeff Bridges' acceptance speech for "Crazy Heart", in which he said, quote, "Thank you, Mom and Dad, for turning me on to such a groovy profession."  (2010)


10.  Kathryn Bigelow becomes the first woman to win Best Director, for "The Hurt Locker".  (2010)


Of course, there are TONS of other great moments that E! ignored.  A few years ago, the Oscars put together their own list of the Top 84 Oscar Moments.

In addition to Halle being the first African American to win Best Actress, their list also includes classic moments like Jack Palance doing one-armed push-ups in 1992 . . . the streaker running behind presenter David Niven in 1974 . . . and Marlon Brando sending an Indian gal to refuse his award in 1973.