Mon. 05/25/15 The 2 most common things on bucket lists are going on a cruise around the world and…
Falling in love again

Fri. 05/22/15 Almost 60% of women will not date a guy who has this. What is it?
A Man Bun

Thurs. 05/21/15 More than 25% of women say this is the best thing about not being in a relationship. What is it?
Wearing comfortable underwear.

Wed. 05/20/15 Parents were asked what part of their kid's homework was too hard to help them with, the #1 answer was algebra, followed by...

Tues. 05/19/15 According to a new survey, 42% of people who use online dating websites have this in common.
They are already in a relationship. - (30% are married and 12% are dating)

Mon. 05/18/15 According to a new poll, 20% of us fear this. What is it?
Dying while having sex.

Fri. 05/15/15 According to a new poll over 30% of us have gotten in to a major fight over this. What is it?
Sending a text to the wrong person.

Thurs. 05/14/15 More than 25% of married couples say this is something that they never do. What is it?
Give the silent treatment to the other spouse.

Wed. 05/13/15 A new survey finds more than 30% of women say they're less attracted to men who do this. What is it?
Wear a blue tooth.

Tues. 05/12/15 54% of us say this is coworker’s most annoying habit.

Mon. 05/11/15 A new survey reveals almost 20% of us have done this at work, even though it can get us fired. What is it?
Going through the online viagra pharmacy boss's desk.

Fri. 05/08/15 On average, you will spend $673 on this during the summer.
Being a wedding guest.

Thurs. 05/07/15 According to a new study a woman is 20X more likely to be hit on if she is _________. What is it?
Walking her dog.

Wed. 05/06/15 A survey asked people what they are afraid of in their own home and this came in at #1…
Garbage disposal

Tues. 05/05/15 A majority of women say this is the biggest turn off in a man's bedroom. What is it?
Themed sheets.

Mon. 05/04/15 A new survey finds of all the skills men should possess, THIS comes in at #1. What is it?
How to fix a toilet!

Fri. 05/01/15 Almost 25% of us have secretly done this while visiting someone else's home. What is it?
Changed the direction of the toilet paper.

Thurs. 04/30/15 40% of people do not have one of these at their office…
A friend

Wed. 04/29/15 New research finds that men do this 12 times a year but women do it 100 times. What is it?
Check their horoscope.

Tues. 04/28/15 If a man has this they are 3 times more likely to have an affair. What is it?
Large feet

Mon. 04/27/15 Kids are most likely to stick crayons up their nose, followed by…
French fries

Fri. 04/24/15 The average person does this 70 times a day…

Thurs. 04/23/15 More than half (51%) of women admit to buying this. What is it?
Second Hand Clothing.

Wed. 04/22/15 What is the number one phrase a woman doesn’t want to hear?
You look tired.

Tues. 04/21/15 A new survey found that one out of three people say they take the same the lunch to work every day. What is the most common thing people pack?
Cheese sandwich

Mon. 04/20/15 A new survey finds that close to half of us have done this when we're angry. What is it?
Ate Ice Cream.

Fri. 04/17/15 According to scientific research this is one of the top things that makes a man attractive to a woman? What is it?
When he doesn't smile.

Thurs. 04/16/15 3 things you should never ask a woman. Her age, her weight, and? What is it?
If she has had work done.

Wed. 04/15/15 A new study finds the buy cheap cymbalta average married man has 3 of these in his life. What is it?
Women he is secretly attracted to.

Tues. 04/14/15 A new survey found that the average family has 300 fights a year over stupid little things. What was the #1 thing they fight about?
Kids refusing to put down gadgets and talk.

Mon. 04/13/15 Almost 25% of women are jealous of their partner because of this. What is it?
He is a better cook.

Fri. 04/10/15 A new poll finds 9 out of 10 men have never seen their father do this. What is it?
Make the bed.

Thurs. 04/09/15 One in 6 people do this when they go through a fast food drive-thru…
Buy their pet something.

Wed. 04/08/15 If a teenager is going to do this, it will cost them an average of about $320.
Prom proposal.

Tues. 04/07/15 A survey of the top men’s names that are 3 letters long.  What’s #4? 7. Jim 6. Tim  5. Joe 3. Sam  2. Ben 1. Bob
4. Ted 

Mon. 04/06/15 Women wait this long after a break-up to hook-up.
3 weeks

Fri. 04/03/15 According to this list, who are the top animated Rabbits? 1. Bugs Bunny 2. Thumper 3. Roger Rabbit  5. Jessica Rabbit 6. White Rabbit (Alice & Wonderland) What’s #4?
4. Rabbit (Winnie the Pooh).

Thurs. 04/02/15 A little over 10% of men do not know this about their partner.
Her job title.

Wed. 04/01/15 While it's assumed that nobody likes this, a new poll finds that more than 50% of us think it's great. What is it?
Our drivers license picture.

Tues. 03/31/15 A survey found this to be the #1 thing moms fantasize about...
Winning the viagra supplement lottery.

Mon. 03/30/15 A new survey finds 44% of women do this with their significant other. What is it?
Share naked text pictures.

Fri. 03/27/15 According to a new poll 40% of your co-workers HATE it when you do this. What is it?
Take off your shoes.

Thurs. 03/26/15 A new poll reveals 30% of men have a crush on a woman who does this for a living. What is it?
TV Meteorologist.

Wed. 03/25/15 Live at Dairy Queen!!

Tues. 03/24/15 Women love this characteristic in a man.
His arrogance.

Mon. 03/23/15 According to relationship experts, a woman who has one of these is more likely to cheat on her partner. What is it?
A personal trainer.

Fri. 03/20/15 Almost 20% of single women say they do this constantly. What is it?
Check their Ex's Facebook profile.

Thurs. 03/19/15 This is the lie that kids are most likely to tell...
That they brush their teeth.

Wed. 03/18/15 Women were asked to name one thing that romantic men all had in common, this was the most common answer.
They are older men.

Tues. 03/17/15 Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Mon. 03/16/15 A new survey reveals more than 60% of men are unsure how to do this with a woman. What is it?
Shake her hand.

Fri. 03/13/15 Want to ensure a second date? Do this.
Call, don't text.

Thurs. 03/12/15 Your divorce isn't final until you do this.
Sell your ring.

Wed. 03/11/15 More than 70% of men do this but only a few will admit to it. What is it?
Fantasizing about their partners friends.

Tues. 03/10/15 What are people likely to do while driving that can distract them? 1. Text 2. Change radio station 3. Talk on phone. What’s #4?
4. Daydream  5. Put on makeup  6. Eat/Drink  7. Drive tired

Mon. 03/09/15 If you're the average woman, you'll do this about 30 times in your life. What is it?
Shower with a man.

Thurs. 03/05/15 This is the number one reason you are undateable.
You're irresponsible.

Wed. 03/04/15 Almost 45% of women have done this, but less than 10% of men have. What is it?
Kissing and Telling - told a friend about an affair!

Tues. 03/03/15 Name something people brag about. 1. Kids  2. Income  3. Job What’s #4?
1. Kids  2. Income  3. Job  4. Athletic Ability  5. Body  6. Car

Mon. 03/02/15 A new survey reveals more than 75% of women would turn down this offer. What is it?
A trip to space.

Fri. 02/27/15 A new survey reveals 20% of women feel guilty about this. What is it?
Not making the bed.

Thurs. 02/26/15 Name a food that is hard to keep your face clean while eating. 1. Ice Cream  2. Ribs  3. Spaghetti  5. Pizza What’s #4?
4. Watermelon

Wed. 02/25/15 A new poll reveals almost 20% of us actually admit to doing this late at night. What is it?
Go through their neighbor's garbage.

Tues. 02/24/15 In art class, name something a kid might use ‘cotton balls’ to make. 1. Snowman,  2. Clouds,  3. Rabbit, 5. Santa’s Beard. What’s #4?
4. Sheep

Mon. 02/23/15 When did you know you were comfortable in your relationship? More than 32% of people said.
When I left the bathroom door open.

Fri. 02/20/15 A new survey reveals close to half of us have wanted to do this, but haven't so far. What is it?
Throw something at the TV.

Thurs. 02/19/15 Almost 25% of us are uncomfortable with THIS at work. What is it?
Having a younger boss.

Wed. 02/18/15 A new poll reveals 68% of women crave THIS food while they're pregnant. What is it?

Tues. 02/17/15 This is the top place to meet a man.
A convention.

Mon. 02/16/15 More than 75% of women hate it when their spouse does this. What is it?
Sticks his finger in a pot to taste the food.

Fri. 02/13/15 A new poll finds for than 30% of us have not done this since high school. What is it?
Read a book.

Thurs. 02/12/15 36% of women have one of these in their purse right now, and they paid nothing for it...
A mint

Mon. 02/09/15 According to a new survey, more than 70% of us can only do this for about a minute. What is it?
Stay on hold before hanging up.

Fri. 02/06/15 People were asked to use one word to describe their spouse. The #1 answer was 'stubborn'. What was #2?

Thurs. 02/05/15 A new survey reveals More than 40% of parents are worried their kids will follow in their footsteps when it comes to this. What is it?
Their driving habits.

Wed. 02/04/15 This is the #1 food that wrecks diets...
Chips and Salsa

Tues. 02/03/15 A new survey asked people to name something you associate with Boston. What is #4 on the list?
8. Marathon  7. Celtics  6. Chowder/Seafood  5. Boston Cream Pie  4. Accent  3. Tea Party  2. Red Sox  1. Baked Beans

Mon. 02/02/15 According to our list, what are the top 10 things people eat during the BIG game? What’s #9? 10. Veggie & Dip 8. Jalapeno poppers 7. Nachos 6. Chili 5. Buffalo wings 4. Popcorn 3. Hot dogs 2. Pizza 1. Potato chips

Fri. 01/30/15 To get closer to your man experts recommend doing this. What is it?

Thurs. 01/29/15 More than 35% of happy couples never talk about what?

Wed. 01/28/15 More than 70% of us have bought one of these even though we can’t pronounce it. What is it?
A bottle of wine.

Tues. 01/27/15 What's the number one thing all men love to do?

Mon. 01/26/15 A new poll finds more than 40% of women do this 3 times a day. What is it?
Apply lotion

Fri. 01/23/15 Men were asked, “what's the one thing you can never look cool doing?" This was the #1 answer...
Carrying your wife’s purse.

Thurs. 01/22/15 In a survey of HR managers, almost 10% said this is a sign of creativity…
Messy desk

Wed. 01/21/15 Almost 75% of men admit they have lied about this on a first date.
How much they work out.

Tues. 01/20/15 A new poll reveals almost 15% of men NEVER do this. What is it?
Use their signal light.

Mon. 01/19/15 Almost 50% of women would give up sex for this. What is it?
Getting out of debt.

Fri. 01/16/15 According to a new study, almost 30% of women missed a day of work because of this. What is it?
A bad haircut.

Thurs. 01/15/15 According to a recent survey, 15% of people say they dream about this on a regular basis...
Their pet.

Wed.01/14/15 A survey finds almost 60% of us would NEVER break this rule. What is it?
Use the cheapest viagra online express lane at the supermarket if we have more than the limit of items.

Tues. 01/13/15 According to a magazine poll, almost 25% of men hope to learn to do this in the New Year. What is it?
Play piano.

Mon. 01/12/15 New survey asked what do you most regret posting on social media? 6% of people said...
Pictures of their food.

Fri. 01/09/15 In a new survey of the sleazyist states, Iowa was 36th and Nebraska was 35th. Mississippi is #1, but what is #2?

Thurs. 01/08/15 A new poll finds if you're average, you'll do this 4 times a week. What is it?
Quote a famous movie line.

Wed. 01/07/15 According to an online poll, 25% of women said they wished their significant other would make this New Year's resolution.
To be better in bed.

Tues. 01/06/15 According to a recent survey, about 20 percent of people say they call this person at least once a week. Who is it?
Themselves! (To find their phone)

Mon. 01/05/15 One in 10 drivers on the road is doing this right now.
Riding WITHOUT pants.

Fri. 01/02/15 Almost 50% of men have done this when home alone. What is it?
Try on women’s clothing.

Thur. 01/01/15 Happy New Year!

Wed. 12/31/14 A new survey finds that almost 35% of men have lied about this to endear themselves to a co-worker.
Liking golf

Tues. 12/30/14 A new survey finds that women complain about this 9 times more than men.
The temperature in the workplace.

Mon. 12/29/14 More than 55% of women would rather their have thier significant other do this for them instead of doing it themselves.
Take the car into the shop.

Fri. 12/19/14 In a recent survey, women were asked, “What are the three gifts you dread getting the most?” Gift certificates and generic levitra fake tacky ornaments were two of the three. What was the other?
Diet book

What percent of men want a hook-up to turn into a relationship?

According to a online dating site this holiday song best describes the dating life of those surveyed
Silent Night

85% of people surveyed think hosting Christmas is stressful and 10% think it is more stressful than this?
Planning a wedding

Almost 55% of us owuld definitely re-gift this item if it was given to us. What is it?
A candle.

Thurs. 12/11/14 A new poll finds that 37% of women cried after doing this. What is it?
They coloured their hair themselves.

Wed. 12/10/14 In a recent study, relationship experts say you'll have an easier time getting over a breakup if you do this. What is it?
Change your ringtone.

Tues. 12/09/14 According to a recent survey, married men are 7 times more like to do this than single men. What is it?
Follow the speed limit.

Mon. 12/08/14 31% of us have done this at an office Christmas party. What is it?
Told someone a secret they wish they hadn't.

Fri. 12/05/14 More than 15% of couples will get into arguments about this over the holidays. What is it?
How much to tip.

Thurs. 12/04/14 What is the number one non-sexual turn-on for a guy?
Coming home to a big meal.

Wed. 12/03/14 What is the number one text to avoid in a new relationship?
Why aren't you responding.

Tues. 12/02/14 In a survey of people over the age of 50, this was number three on their list of biggest regrets…
Marrying the wrong person (YIKES!)

Mon. 12/01/14 According to a new survey 40% of women and 32% of men brag to co-workers about this. What is it?
Not getting enough sleep.

Fri. 11/28/14 Close to half of us refuse to share this with our significant other. What is it?

Thurs. 11/27/14 HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

Wed. 11/26/14 New research reveals that short men are almost 35% less likely to do this. What is it?
Get a divorce.

Tues. 11/25/14 The number one thing that men would change about their significant other is this. What is it?
Their laugh.

Mon. 11/24/14 More than 55% of employers are less likely to hire a woman if she does this during a job interview. What is it?
Doesn't wear makeup.

Fri. 11/21/14 Almost 10% of women say their partner always complains about this. What is it?
The amount of money she spends on her hair.

Thurs. 11/20/14 A new poll finds that 10% of guys have actually done this, but the truth is, they never told anyone they did. What is it?
Tried on their wife's bra.

Wed. 11/19/14 New survey asked ladies…where do you wish your spouse was more willing to go with you? 3. Movie theater 1. Shopping…What’s #2?
5. Dancing  4.Salon/Spa  3. Movie theater  2. Church  1. Shopping

Tues. 11/18/14 New survey asked husbands…if your wife is staring at you over a Holiday Dinner, what might she be telling you with her look? 2. You’re in trouble 1. I love you. What’s #4?
5. Stop talking  4. Help out/Dishes  3. Let’s leave  2. You’re in trouble  1. I love you

Mon. 11/17/14 When talking to other guys, about 17% of men refer to their wife as...
The Boss

Fri. 11/14/14 The Beat the Dial Tone Question: Name a cereal that was around when you were a kid and is still around today… 1. Corn Flakes 2. Cheerios what’s #4?

Thurs. 11/13/14 Almost 55% of us would give up this to get an extra vacation day. What is it?
Junk Food.

Wed. 11/12/14 Almost 20% of us are reluctant to do this with our significant other. What is it?
Ride in a car with them.

Tues. 11/11/14 Name sounds young people have never heard and the rest of us will never hear again. # 2. is a record player, #1. TV knob changer. What is #4?
Gas station driveway bell.

Mon. 11/10/14 More then 35% of women think it's a turnoff if a man can't do this. What is it?
Grow a beard.

Fri. 11/07/14 15% of men have insulted a woman on their first date by doing this. What is it?
Asking for gas money.

Thurs. 11/06/14 Thousands of married couples were asked where they met, and only 2% said…

Wed. 11/05/14 New research reveals that 26% of women have tried to lose weight by doing this. What is it?
Eating baby food.

Tues. 11/04/14 People were asked to name a popular female from a movie that inspired a Halloween costume. 1. Wonder woman 2. Cat woman. What’s #4?
Marilyn Monroe

Mon. 11/03/14 When it comes to halloween parties you are advised not to do this. What is it?
Dress up like the boss.

Fri. 10/31/14 HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! A new survey finds that 33% of women dislike this about their friend. What is it?
Their engagement ring.

Thurs. 10/30/14 Ladies were asked…tell us something you’d love your husband to say to you without prompting… 1. I love you 2. have you lost weight... What’s #4?
Let’s go out to eat.

Wed. 10/29/14 If given a choice of how you would want your home to be haunted, 41% said they would prefer a vengeful ghost. What came in at #2?
26% said by a possessed doll!

Tues. 10/28/14 In a new survey, people said that this was their #1 fear ...
Walking alone at night! (Speaking in public dropped to #5)

Mon. 10/27/14 This word drives guys crazy when you say it.

Fri. 10/24/14 In a new poll more than 30% of women admit they are less attracted to their significant other when they are doing this?
On vacation!

Thurs. 10/23/14 The average person only uses this 8 times a month. What is it?
Landline phone

Wed. 10/22/14 New research finds that men who have this are three times more likely to have an affair. What is it?
Large feet

Tue. 10/21/14 More than 25% of women say this makes them grumpy. What is it?
Days getting shorter

Mon. 10/20/14 According to a new survey, women said the number one thing they hold onto from an old relationship is pictures! What was second on the keepsake list?
Ticket stubs

Fri. 10/17/14 15% of people in America have worked at a…
Convenience store

Thurs. 10/16/14 According to a new survey, every Sunday in America more than 80% of church goers are praying for family and friends, 74% are praying for guidance on problems and 13% are praying for this.
A winning lottery ticket 12% pray for government leaders and 21% for their favorite sports team to win.

Wed. 10/15/14 What is the # 1 thing you should never answer with when someone says, "I love you.”
That’s sweet

Tues. 10/14/14 Almost 10% of adults surveyed said that this was their #1 complaint with their neighbors ...
Tree branches or overhanging trees in their yard.

Mon. 10/13/14 The average teenager has 12 more of these than the average 50 year old...

Fri. 10/10/14 A new poll finds 20% of men say they have done this at work. What is it?

Thurs. 10/09/14 More than 70% of women say they would not purchase a new car if they didn't like this about that car. What is it?
They didn’t like the name of the car.

Wed. 10/08/14 Almost 35% of people say their most embarrassing moment happened when they were here. Where was it?
At a wedding.

Tues. 10/07/14 When asked what they're holding onto from an old relationship, photos, ticket stubs, and cards were the try it top 3. But 5% of people kept…

Mon. 10/06/14 While it's assumed that nobody likes this, in reality more than 50% of people think it's great...
Their drivers license picture.

Fri. 10/03/14 More than 50% of us did this as a child - and it wasn't a good idea. What is it?
Cut your own hair!

Thurs. 10/02/14 Studies have shown that teenagers are more likely to start smoking when they…
Get a job

Wed. 10/01/14 More than 20% of men say that this was the most annoying thing about their wife or girlfriend...
Her laugh

Tues. 09/30/14 The best time for “Camping” is after a what?
Working out

Mon. 09/29/14 Almost 55% of women say that they use this as "me time”.
Washing dishes.

Fri. 09/26/14 This will generally happen to a redhead five years before it happens to a blonde...
Getting their first grey hair.

Thurs. 09/25/14 Women who have this visible in their kitchen tend to weigh 21 pounds more than women who have it hidden in a cabinet or not in the kitchen at all ...

Wed. 09/24/14 What are women sick of hearing men talk about it?
Their Ex

Tues. 09/23/14 According to a new survey from Men’s Health Magazine, it may be surprising, but less than 5% of guys across the world own one of these. What is it?
A reptile

Mon. 09/22/14 10% of women over the age of 35 think about this every single day...
Getting older

Fri. 09/19/14 According to a new poll, for the past couple years, women have surpassed men when it comes to this. What is it?
Getting Tattoos

Tues. 09/16/14 When asked to name their biggest fear, 1 in 12 people said...
Gaining weight

Mon. 09/15/14 The average woman will do this almost 1500 times this year..
Apply makeup

Fri. 09/12/14 A survey asked, "What movie title best describes your boss?" The #1 answer was Dumb and Dumber, followed by..

Thurs. 09/11/14 Of those people who move out of a neighborhood, more than 9% said that it was because of this...
To get away from an affair.

Wed. 09/10/14 Almost 10% of men said they had been dumped by a girlfriend after they told her this ...
You wear too much makeup.

Tues. 09/09/14 A poll reveals that 64% of moms did this on the first day of school. What is it?
Bought a new outfit to take the kids to school.

Mon. 09/08/14 What movie title best describes your dog's personality? This was the #1 answer...

Fri. 09/05/14 10% of women admit that they have done this while driving ...
Painted their toenails!

Thurs. 09/04/14 According to a university study, couples who do this together have a significantly lower rate of fighting and domestic violence. What is it?
Smoke weed together.

Wed. 09/03/14 According to a recent poll, almost 45% of parents immediately considered having a baby after doing this. What is it?
Dropping their kids off at their first day of school

Tues. 09/02/14 Women who do this spend a little over $700 a year on it; for men it's almost $900...

Thurs. 08/28/14 When people were asked to name a food they can't stand, anchovies came in #1. What was #2?

Wed. 08/27/14 What's the number one thing that makes a man instantly sexier?
Playing a guitar

Tues. 08/26/14 What is the sexiest profession? 15% of women said...
A Soldier

Mon. 08/25/14 When people were asked what they missed from the pre-digital world, almost a 30% said...
Being Unreachable

Fri. 08/22/14 When asked what smell puts them in a better mood, women picked this more than anything else…

Thurs. 08/21/14 A new study shows that compared to their mothers, women today have much bigger __________ - What is it?
Engagement rings!

Wed. 08/20/14 A new survey finds that most women do this 152 times a year on average but men only do it 12 times. What is it?
Check their horoscope

Tues. 08/19/14 New research finds that when women do this, its is a strange turn on for men. What is it?

Mon. 08/18/14 According to this survey saying this to a guy is a dating mistake.
You’re cute

Friday. 08/15/14 Stop doing this and a guy will love you forever.
Fake tanning

Thurs. 08/14/14 At what age does a woman have the most friends in her life?

Weds. 08/13/14 According to a new poll 35% of us say this is the most annoying thing we wish our coworkers would stop doing. What is it?
Using the speaker phone

Tues. 08/12/14 52% of parents think you should do this for your kids, while 30% think it's a terrible idea…
Letting them win when playing games

Mon. 08/11/14 Men think this is romantic but it's really not.
Heart shaped jewelry

Fri. 08/10/14 A new survey found that almost 25% of married couples have one of these. What is it?
A secret big enough to end the marriage.

Thurs. 08/07/14 More than 35% of women get their hair cut for this. What is it?"
Their new driver's license photo

Tues. 08/05/14 In a survey from Men’s Health Magazine, 40% of guys say they try really hard to hide this from their mother. What is it?
A motorcycle

Mon. 08/04/14 16% of women say that wearing this makes them feel more confident...
Little black dress

Thurs. 07/31/14 This smell is the number one weird turn on

Wed. 07/30/14 According to new survey, what is the the sport that most women like to watch men play?
Beach volleyball

Tues. 07/29/14 Survey says women are twice as likely to do this in the car than men. What is it?
Swear at other drivers.

Mon. 07/28/14 What is the number one compliment guys love to hear?
Tell them that they smell good.

Fri. 07/18/14 A lot of single people say this would be a deal breaker, but a new survey shows almost 25% guys of actually do it. What is it?
Not wear deodorant.

Thurs. 07/17/14 A survey from Men’s Health Magazine shows that 10% of guys have actually done this, but the truth is, they never told anyone they did. What is it?
Try on their wife’s bra.

Wed. 07/16/14 Where is the number one place he is secretly checking you out?
The stairs

Tues. 07/15/14 More than 50% of moms say that this is the biggest source of their stress ...
Their husbands

Mon. 07/14/14 Nearly 50% of women say that they would rather go hungry than to give this up...
Their hair appointment

Fri. 07/11/14 2012 was the first year more women than men purchased this.
A Tattoo

Thurs. 07/10/14 A recent survey found that almost 25% of divorces can be traced to this.
His or her Mom

Wed. 07/09/14 A new survey learned that more than 65% of men feel this gives them more personality. What is it?
A goatee

Tues. 07/08/14 According to this survey a  guy is good at “camping” if he has this habit.
Chewing his nails

Mon. 07/07/14 Wednesday is the most popular day to do this. What is it?
Go on a first date.

Fri. 07/04/14 If they could add an extra hour to their day, almost 5% of people would do this with it...

Thurs. 07/03/14 A new poll finds that a woman can do this without looking creepy but a man can't. What is it?
Go to the movies by themselves.

Wed. 07/02/14 Today, more than 4 in 10 women claim this is the most distressing thing in their lives.
A Messy house

Tues. 07/01/14 According to Men's Health Magazine, 33% of guys say they can't go without this for a week.  What is it?

Fri. 06/27/14 More than 15% of women are more aroused by this than their men.

Thurs. 06/26/14 35% of guys in a new survey from Men's Health Magazine say they have been known to do this because they think it makes them feel and look cool. What is it?
Wear sunglasses at night.

Wed. 06/25/14 If the U.S. did this they would save $5 Billion dollars. What is it?
Use coin instead of paper

Tues. 06/24/14 More than 65% of kids under 5 can use a computer mouse, but only 1 in 10 can do this....
Tie their shoe laces.

Mon. 06/23/14 This person shows up the how to get viagra most in people's dreams.
Their Ex

Fri. 06/20/14 More than 35% of people say they really do not like it when people post selfies of themselves doing this. What is it?
Working out

Thurs. 06/19/14 Most of us have no idea when someone is flirting. Relationship experts say this is a sign he is flirting with you and not just being "nice". What is it?
When he touches your back.

Wed. 06/18/14 A new study says is if women want to get smarter, they should do this ….
Get bigger breasts

Tues. 06/17/14 More than 20% of people dream about this on a regular basis. What is it?
Their pet

Mon. 06/16/14 In a recent survey, teenage girls said the #1 way their dad embarrasses them is dancing in public …. what is number 2 ?
Walking around without a shirt on.

Fri. 06/13/14 Almost 30% of American women think their what is too big?
Their pores

Thurs. 06/12/14 When asked what fathers did best during the baby's first weeks, almost 25% of new mothers said what?
Stay out of moms way

Wed. 06/11/14 More than 45% of guys have talked women into doing what?
Skinny dipping

Tues. 06/10/14 What's the best place to touch a woman?
Her forearm

Mon. 06/09/14 35% of guys do this before they go on a date. What is it?
Trim their nose hair

Fri. 06/06/14 New research finds that if you're the average guy, you'll spend one month of your life doing this. What is it?
Looking for socks

Thurs. 06/05/14 10% of guys have their picture with this posted on their dating website profile.
A Tiger

Wed. 06/04/14 In a recent survey, college students were asked "Who would your perfect roommate be?" What was the number one answer?
Their Mother

Tues. 06/03/14 Almost 30% of all men say they're not quite sure how to use one of these...
The Dishwasher

Mon. 06/02/14 Bigger these mean a bigger sex drive.

Fri. 05/30/14  A survey of flight attendants shows that THIS is the WORST thing they have seen first class passengers do.  What is it?
Clip their toenails!!

Thurs. 05/29/14 According to a new poll almost 50% of men do this within the first 3 years of marriage. What is it?
Lose their wedding ring!

Wed. 05/28/14 5% of the men listening to our show have at least one of these; for women it's 2%..
An extra nipple

Tues. 05/27/14 What do guys like to sit around and talk about with their friends?
News and express viagra delivery currents events

Mon. 05/26/14 More women do this driving to work than men ... what is it?
Drive with the gas tank on "E"!

Fri. 05/23/14 More than 45% of women have judged other women based on this. What is it?
Their Shoes!

Thurs. 05/22/14 When they return home from vacation, almost 15% of people lie about this…
Cell phone coverage or email access.

Wed. 05/21/14 A new survey finds that almost 10% of men have ruined a date by doing this. What is it?
Locking the keys in the car.

Tues. 05/20/14 A study found that almost 5% of all lost productivity in the office can be blamed on this...
The temperature of the office.

Mon. 05/19/14 A new poll finds that More the 65% of women and 55% of men say this is a stressful experience. What is it?
Driving with their significant other.

Fri. 05/16/14 When asked what word best describes their dream vacation, women said "romantic". What word did men say?

Thurs. 05/15/14 More Than 30% of women actually do this when getting ready for a big night out ...
They talk to themselves.

Tues. 05/13/14 The top 3 things sure to ruin a women’s day are: #1 having an argument, #2 having a bad day at work; what is #3?
Your pants don't fit.

Mon.05/12/14 More than 30% of newlyweds said they'd change this about their wedding if they could ...
Their wedding song!

Fri. 05/09/14 A little more than 65% of people say they are willing to put themselves in "some amount of danger" for this. What is it?
Their cell phone.

Thurs. 05/08/14 You have to exchange how many text conversations before she sleeps with you?

Wed. 05/07/14 According to a new poll more than 90% of women feel bad when they do this. What is it?
Look in the Mirror.

Tues. 05/06/14 A new survey finds it takes the average man 5 minutes to do this but the average woman 3 times as long. What is it?
Talk about their day.

Mon. 05/05/14 Married couples were asked to describe their mate in one word, what was the number #1 answer?

Fri. 05/02/14 According to a new poll of married men who have strayed, more then 75% say it is because of this. What is it?

Thurs. 05/01/14 According to a new survey more than 30% of parents have told this lie to their kids. What is it?
I can't afford to get you that...

Wed. 04/30/14 More than 35% of women say they'd break up with their man if they didn't like this about him ...
His taste in music!

Tues. 04/29/14 A new survey reveals that 20% of us have never been inside of this particular place. What is it?
Their neighbors house.

Mon. 04/28/14 UFO experts say that the best way to avoid getting abducted by aliens, is to do this.
Sleep on your stomach!

Thurs. 04/24/14 More than 20% of people in a new survey from are proud to say they have done THIS on a first date. What is it?
Use a coupon

Wed. 04/23/14 More than 25% of us say that we've done this at the office. What is it?
Gone through a co-worker's desk drawers!

Tues. 04/22/14 Survey says more than 80% of parents did this yesterday and will do it this again today?
Steal Easter candy from their kids.

Mon. 04/21/14 Relationship experts from YourTango say you'll have an easier time getting over a breakup if you do THIS. What is it?
Change your ringtone

Fri. 04/18/14 What is the #1 girly thing men like to do?
Buy scented candles

Thurs. 04/17/14 According to a new poll 12% of men have stolen this from a friends home. What is it?
Pills for erectile disfunction.

Wed. 04/16/14 HR managers around the U.S. have put together the numbers and found out that almost 15% of people are afraid of THIS while they're working. What is it?
The copier

Tues. 04/15/14 This name is the number one gold digger's name.

Mon. 04/14/14 A woman will do this about 43,000 times before she dies. For a man, it's about 5,000…
Try on clothes

Fri. 04/11/14 More than 50% of men would do this if their significant other asked them to. What is it?
Shave their back.

Thurs. 04/10/14 Almost 10% of us admit to having done this while in high school. What is it?
Forged their parents signature.

Wed. 04/09/14 According to a survey this could make 33% of us un dateable. What is it?
Their last name

Tues. 04/08/14 It takes women more than 40% longer to do this than men.  What is it?
Read a menu! 

Mon. 04/07/14 If you want to look hotter to men, do this about 45% less.
Wear less make-up.
Fri. 04/04/14 33% women think their boyfriend can be described as this.
High maintenance

Thurs. 04/03/14 20% of couples say this is a regular topic of arguments between them ...
How much time they spend in the shower!

Wed. 04/02/14 1 in 9 Americans say that this is the scariest creature on earth ...
The cockroach!

Tues. 04/01/14 More than 65% of women are turned off by guys who are preoccupied with their what?
Their smart phone

Mon. 03/31/14 Almost 5% of people have actually cried over this in the past year ...
Computer issues!

Fri. 03/28/14 More than 75% of women say they prefer to settle down with this type of man.
A feminine man.

Thurs. 03/27/14 More than 10% of parents surveyed want their kids to learn about the how to buy levitra in canada 'birds and the bees' from who?
The internet and TV!

Wed. 03/26/14 At what age does a woman's sexual confidence peak?

Tues. 03/25/14 A recent survey says that more than 10% of women who are left alone for the first time in a new guys home have done this. What is it?
Searched his pants pockets.

Mon.03/24/14 A recent survey says that almost 15% of women are annoyed when they meet a woman who has this. What is it?
The same name as them.

Fri. 03/21/14 If you want a lasting relationship, make sure you agree on this question.
Do you like to watch horror movies?

Thurs. 03/20/14 According to new research, more than 50% of doctors report a dramatic increase in consultations for plastic surgery because of this. What is it?
To take a better selfie!

Wed. 03/19/14 What is the sexiest part of a woman's body? #1 answer is eyes....what is #2?

Tues. 03/18/14 A new poll finds that more than 70% of women are turned off by a man who has this. What is it?
A Man Purse.

Mon. 03/17/14 If your parents weren't your parents, what percent of you would still be friends with them?

Fri. 03/14/14 Surprisingly, your girlfriend thinks this is hot about you.
Your beer gut.

Thurs. 03/13/14 According to a new survey, almost 25% of men admit that they will do this after a bad day at work.
Call Mom

Wed. 03/12/14 People who do not complain about this have better marriages ...

Tues. 03/11/14 More than 15% of men said it takes about 3 months in a new relationship before they're comfortable enough to…
Share a toothbrush

Mon. 03/10/14 More than 75% of  women say that these people annoy them. Who are they?
Facebook friends!

Fri. 03/07/14 If a teenage girl gets one, she'll consider about 22 of them before making a decision…
Prom Dress

Thurs. 03/06/14 “Got Milk” is the most famous commercial tagline in history. What was #2 ?
Don't leave home without it (American Express)

Wed. 03/05/14 When asked the worst trouble they got into as kids, almost  45% of their stories involved this. What is it?
A BB gun

Tues. 03/04/14 When deciding if she is going to break up with a guy... how long does the average woman take to make up her mind...?
6 Days

Mon. 03/03/14 New research shows if you have this, you'll get more attention & sympathy from your friends.
Body odor

Fri. 02/28/14 If you could, what one thing would you write off on your tax return? The #1 answer was…

Thurs. 02/27/14 A new survey reveals more than 55% of newly weds have done this. What is it?
Slept with someone they invited to the wedding.

Wed. 02/26/14 What percentage of Americans got married for love?

Tues. 02/25/14 What state has the most stamina when it comes to camping?
New Mexico

Mon. 02/24/14 A survey shows that about 80% of adults have NOT done THIS in about 10 years. What is it?
Go to the library

Fri. 02/21/14 A recent poll shows that more than 45% of men are turned on by this. What is it?
Women’s figure skating

Thurs. 02/20/14 A new survey finds that women are almost 5 times more likely to do this during an argument. What is it?
Slam down the phone

Wed. 02/19/14 More than 95% of women love this but less than 15% of men like it. What is it?
Getting kissed on the neck

Tues. 02/18/14 Relationship experts say that if you do this more than 55 times this year with your spouse, you're much more likely to stay together…
Watch a romantic comedy

Mon. 02/17/14 About half of all single women admit to doing this in the past year. What is it?
Go on a date for a free meal

Fri. 02/14/14 A new survey by finds that 95% of singles are turned off by a date when they do this. What is it?
They are a picky eater

Thurs. 02/13/14 According to a new poll More than 50% of singles say this is the rudest thing you can do on a first date. What is it?
Leave for a smoke break

Wed. 02/12/14 People would rather go "camping" (do it) with a this, than the cold or flu.
A broken arm

Tues. 02/11/14 It takes women almost twice as long as men to do THIS. What is it?
Order food

Mon. 02/10/14 What's the number one thing you should have in your house by the age of 30?
A real couch

Fri. 02/07/14 The average man will do this 1.2 times today..
Say I love you

Thurs. 02/06/14 This is #1 annoying thing a guy can do when texting?
Adding "LOL"

Wed. 02/05/14 20% of us do this before seriously dating someone. What is it?
Ask our pets opinion (The pet test).

Tue. 02/04/14 If you could be a  flavor, what would you be? The #1 answer was coffee. What  was #2?

Mon. 02/03/14 According to a survey of women, men in this profession are the most passionate lovers…

Fri. 01/31/14 More than 60% of women want this more than a proposal What is it?
A job promotion!

Thurs. 01/30/14 What's the number one compliment that a woman wants to hear?
I love talking to you.

Wed. 01/29/14 This is the key to end an argument with your significant other. What is it?
Dim the lights

Tues. 01/28/14 More than 75% of men who have these, don't use them. What are they?
The opening flap at the front of their underwear!

Mon.01/27/14 Men spend 3 times as long on this as women. What is it?
Looking at a profile picture on a dating website.

Fri. 01/24/14 More 35% of people do this is their sleep.

Thurs. 01/23/14 Over 50% of singles in a survey said they believe they would get more dates if they had this?
A nicer car  

Wed. 01/22/14 Almost 4% of parents admit they do this so their kids won't throw a tantrum...
Do their homework.

Tues. 01/21/14 A new study say this habit can ruin your marriage.
Watching television during dinner.

Mon. 1/20/14 According to new research, after a breakup this is the best person for a man to rebound with. Who is it?
The waitress at their favorite bar.

Fri. 01/17/14 A new study finds that men who do not get dates online all have one thing in common. What is it?
They're using emoticons!

Thurs. 01/16/14 10% of us admit to doing this to a stranger.
Take a picture of a stranger

Wed. 01/15/14 Almost 12% of us say what is so bad, it makes us want to cry?
Their commute

Tues. 01/14/14 Despite the fast shipping viagra fact that it takes hundreds of hours of training to do this job correctly, more than 55% of men believe they could do this without any training…
Fly a commercial airliner!

Mon. 01/13/14 Almost 15% of men admit they have never done this easy household task ...
Put a new roll of toilet paper on the holder!

Fri. 01/10/14 Over 30% of women say this is the hardest thing to get their husband to do?
Go to the doctor

Thurs. 01/09/14 Women who have this are more likely cheat. What is it?
A large chin

Wed. 01/08/14 There's a more than 10% chance that after you get married, this will happen to you ...
Your mother (or mother-in-law) will move in with you!

Tues. 01/07/14 Ladies will kiss how many guys to find Mr. right?
15 men

Mon. 01/06/14 More than 55% of men are convinced that having this helps them get a date. What is it?
Having a Dog

Fri. 1/03/14 A new survey says this is the reason more than 30% of women flirt with a co-worker. What is the reason?
They want them to do their work for them.

Thurs. 1/02/14 Almost 30% of people will do this and get in trouble at work because of it.
Attending the company holiday party.

Tues. 12/31/13 Almost 60% of 18-24 year olds would rather do what than party?

Mon. 12/30/13 What is the number one old fashioned dating habit women would like to see make a come back?
Coming to the door to be picked up for date.

Fri. 12/27/13 According to Glamour magazine, Mondays are the least popular day to do what?
Go on a date!

Thurs. 12/26/13 1 in 9 men will go to a Christmas party this year wearing…
Make up

Fri. 12/20/13 What was your biggest holiday fight with the family about? More than 20% of people said...
A Board Game

Thurs. 12/19/13 More than 30% of people say that hosting Christmas dinner at their house is as stressful as...
Going to the dentist

Wed. 12/18/13 According to men, this celeb has the perfect lips.
Scarlett Johansson

Tues. 12/17/13 When people were asked to name 3 things they don't want for Christmas, almost 40% of people included…

Mon. 12/16/13 10% of men have done this to impress a woman. What is it?
Taken dance lessons!

Fri. 12/13/13 In her lifetime, the average woman will spend just under $30,000 on her...

Thurs. 12/12/13 More than 70% of men say that this determines how much time they'll spend Christmas shopping ...
How well their favorite football team is doing! 

Wed. 12/11/13 A little over 25% of us have done this over the holidays. What is it?
Slept with an Ex

Tues. 12/10/13 A new poll of office workers finds that for 1/5 of us, this is our worst at work fear. What is it?
Running out of Toilet Paper.

Mon. 12/9/13 Women were asked what is the #1 thing your husband does that annoys you?
Admits he is wrong.

Fri. 12/6/13 "Wish I'd been there to see______." 1 in 5 people chose this…
Martin Luther Kings I have a dream speech

Thurs. 12/5/13 When asked what they were must reluctant to talk about with their doctor, almost 15% of men said?
Smelly feet

Wed. 12/4/13 Almost 15% of men will not ask a woman a second date if she does this on the first date.
Order the most expensive thing on the menu

Tues. 12/3/13 A new survey finds that doing this will keep you young and healthy, and help burn fat. What is it?
Sleeping in the nude.

Mon. 12/2/13 Almost 70% of women say before they go out with their significant other for the evening he needs to do this. What is it?
Change his shoes

Wed. 11/27/13 Almost 5% of people have embarrassed themselves at Thanksgiving dinner by doing this?
Sitting down and breaking a chair!

Tues. 11/26/13 A study finds that the more we do this with our partner, the more we are dissatisfied with our relationship. What is it?

Mon. 11/25/13 When it is really cold outside more than 65% of us are likely to do this. What is it?
Watch a romantic movie

Fri. 11/22/13 According to a new survey, the average length of time a woman has a relationship with this person is 12 years.
Her hairstylist

Thurs. 11/21/13 In a survey, lottery players asked what they would do if they won the big one, number 1 was start a business. What is number 2?
Get divorced

Wed. 11/20/13 40% of American teens said "I can't stand to hear old people say this!
OMG! I love this song!

Tues. 11/19/13 More than 35% of women break out in a sweat just before doing this.
Parallel Parking

Mon. 11/18/13 Amost 10% of people have seen someone doing this behind the wheel of a car in motion.

Fri. 11/15/13 According to a new survey of single women, more than 70% prefer that this be part of any first date.

Thurs. 11/14/13 According to a recent survey, 10% of people say its kind of weird but they love the taste of it. What?
Licking an envelope

Wed. 11/13/13 50% of women say they enjoy doing this because it gives them some "me" time. What is it?
The Dishes

Tues. 11/12/13 More than 20% of men lie when they say this?
I love you.

Mon. 11/11/13 Smart women have this?
Big butts

Fri. 11/8/13 More the 18% of men say this is the most stressful thing they have done. What is it?
Planning their wedding.

Thurs. 11/7/13 Survey asked what is the most annoying habit, this was the #1 answer…
chewing ice

Wed. 11/6/13 Almost 25% of married men haven't had this experience in over a year. What is it?
Seen their partner naked.

Tues. 11/5/13 Almost 20% of moms say they have kept this from their kids. What is it?
That they have had a boob job (breast augmentation surgery).

Mon. 11/4/13 More than 55% of us have slept with one of these.
A remote control

Fri. 11/1/13 A recent survey says you should not do this at your Halloween Office Party. What is it?
Dress up as your boss

Thurs. 10/31/13 Almost 800 Canadian men hurt themselves each year doing this in the home. What is it?
Ironing clothes

Wed. 10/30/13 What percent of women will tell you everything about their love life?

Tues. 10/29/13 More than 90% of people believe they  are more likely to fall in love if that person does this?

Mon. 10/28/13 A survey asked, what is the first thing you do every morning? The top 3 answers were 1. pee 2. start coffee and cialis free samples 3?
Look outside

Fri. 10/25/13 84% of young adults have back problems because of what?
Video games and computers

Thurs. 10/24/13 30% of office workers say this is the only reason they like going to work.

Wed. 10/23/13 Men consider this the ultimate act of love in a relationship.
Cooking them a meal

Tues. 10/22/13  More then 10% of men have been dumped by a woman because of this. What is it?
How much he watches sports

Mon. 10/21/13 Almost 10% of people have quit a job because of this. Why?
Your mother told you to quit.

Fri. 10/18/13 If you could change one thing about your significant other, what would it be? #1 was their weight, #2 was their smoking, what was #3?
Their snoring

Thurs. 10/17/13 What three 3 things you should never ask a woman. Her age, her weight, and....?
If she has had work done (plastic surgery)

Wed. 10/16/13 33% of women were disappointed with this with their engagement.
The location.

Tues. 10/15/13 What inanimate object are you most likely to say "Hurry up!" to? A computer was #1, followed by?

Mon. 10/14/13 This is currently the genuine viagra online without prescription most hated word in America.

Fri. 10/11/13 People who date will wait 39 days before they do this in front of their new partner. What is it?
Use coupons

Thurs. 10/10/13 What's the last thing you day dreamed about? The #1 answer for men was a sporting event. The #1 answer for women was...
A Latte

Wed. 10/09/13 What did you try once then quit forever? The #1 answer rollerblading. What was #2?

Tues. 10/08/13 A new survey asked, "What can you not live without?" the top two answers were 1. an internet connection and 2. TV followed by?

Mon. 10/07/13 More the 55% of women say this BFF is too this.

Fri. 10/04/13 1/3 of women say this is the most important thing they do all day. What is it?
Put on their make up

Thurs. 10/03/13 At what age do women stop trying to look good?
59 years old

Wed. 10/02/13 A new study reveals that more than 70% of married couples have a hard time listening to their spouse without doing this. What is it?

Tues. 10/01/13 A new survey finds almost 50% of people are offended when a co-worker does this at work. What is it?
Cut their nails

Mon. 09/30/13 According to a new survey, married women are almost 5% happier with their lives if they have weekly contact with this person.
(Their mother-in-law)

Fri. 09/27/13 What brings you the greatest joy? Just over a third of people said…
A clean house

Thurs. 09/26/13 More than 20% of couples have argued about this at bedtime. What is it?
Who should get up to check the doors

Wed. 09/25/13 A new survey finds More than 75% of women would absolutely NOT do this in public with their spouse. What is it?
Dress in similar clothing

Mon. 09/23/13 You fall in love after this many Facebook messages?

Fri. 09/20/13 This is the number one annoying thing newlyweds do.
Give marriage advice

Thurs. 09/19/13 What female animal drops dead if she doesn't do it for a year?

Wed. 09/18/13  A study in England says that men entering their 'mid-life' crisis no longer want sports cars, instead they want this…
Babies!!! (statistics show that men in their late 40's are talking their wives into having another child)

Tues. 09/17/13 The average woman thinks about this 40 times a day. What is it?
Her Hair

Mon. 09/16/13 More than 25% of people say it's a bad idea to go here on a 1st date...
A sporting event

Fri. 09/13/13 25% people are so worried about their appearance on Facebook that they do this on a regular basis.
Buy new clothes for the photos

Thurs. 09/12/13 Almost 65% of women say they have no desire to date someone who has this. What?
Grey hair

90% of men are attracted to women in this state. What is it?
When they are sweaty

More than 40% of women say only their bestfried knows this about them. What is it?
Their natural hair color

Thurs. 09/05/13 According to a new study, men get 63% of these.
Speeding tickets.

Weds. 09/04/13 Almost 10% of people admit that they did this when they were in high school...
forged their parents signature

Tues. 09/03/13 Women are happiest with their naked bodies at this age.
34 years old

The average woman does this 3 times a year - but only twice at home. What is it?
Wear Pajamas all day

Thurs 8/29/13 Almost 60% of women are completely turned off when someone does this. What is it?

Weds 8/28/13 Almost 35% of men admit to hiding this from their spouse. What is it?
A speeding ticket

Tues. 8/27/13 Ladies can tell that a man is romantically interested in them if he plays with or adjusts this. What?

Mon. 8/26/13 66% of women in a particular survey said they don't like it when a man wears this kind of shirt …
A Hawaiian shirt!

Frid. 8/23/13 A new survey says Women are more likely to remember men who have this. What?
A deep voice

Thurs 8/22/13 Almost 10% of dates end if the guy does this?
Honks the horn instead of coming to the door

Weds. 8.21/13 If they reincarnated, 12% of people said they would like to come back as…
A Tree

Tues. 8/20/13 When people were asked what they want their dream house to include, this was the top answer…
A Maid

Monday 08/19/13 What percent of men think less of you if you have sex on the first date?

Friday 08/16/13 A new survey shows that the most common argument between husbands and wives involves the dishwasher. Number two is...
The Cell Phone Bill

Thurs 08/15/13 A survey says this is the most common nickname men gives their cars. What is it?
The Batmobile

Weds. 08/14/13 When looking for a girlfriend, 8% of men said they hope she doesn't drink heavily or...
own a cat

Tues.8/13/13 More than 55% of career women say this helped them succeed?
Wearing perfume

Mon. 8/12/13 According to a new survey This TV character is the perfect woman.
Penny from Big Bang Theory

Fri. 8/9/13 According to a survey of women, men should stop wearing these when they reach their 30's ...
Class rings!

Thurs 8/8/13 The average married man has 3 of these in his life. What is it?
Women he is secretly attracted to

Weds 8/7/13 You are 30% more likely to be selected by someone from your online dating profile when you do this.
Pucker your lips.

Tues 8/06/13 More than 20% of women are jealous of their partner because of this.  What is it?
He is a better cook

Mon. 8/05/13 More than 55% of men say women who have this make better lovers. What is it?
Brown hair

Fri. 7/26/13 In a recent survey Men were asked what food reminds them of their wife, 57% said it was this. What is it?
Mixed Nuts

Thurs 7/25/13: Nearly 3/4 of women will wear this in their lifetime and hate it. What is it?
brides maid dress

Weds 7/24/13: Cheaters drive this kind of car.
An Audi

Women were asked about the last time they felt really good, and 8% said
when someone told them that they look younger than they are

Almost 15% of people surveyed have made this phone call while on vacation.
Have called their pet.

According to a new survey, Almost 10% of car accidents are caused by one of these in the car.
A bug.

The Beat the Dialtone Question: This type of music makes you happy.

On average, human beings begin to do this at about two years of age ...

According to a new study on Craigslist, more people have had a “love at first sight” experience here than anywhere else. Where is here?

If a man isn't married by this age, he is likely to be a bachelor for life.
43 years old

More then 30% of Canadian men say this is the most important personality trait when deciding if a woman is relationship material. What is it?

More than almost 20% of spouses say this is the most annoying thing about their mate ...
Their laugh!

More than 45% of us have hidden one of these from our current partner. What is it?
A card from an ex

More than 25% of women say they would rather go to the dentist than do this. What is it?
Visit their Mother In-Law

The average man spends about a year of his life doing this; Women abour 2 and a half months. What is it?
Staring at the opposite sex

According to a leading womens magazine if you're in a bad mood, doing this will make you feel better. What is it?
Wear a Tiara

More than 70% of homes have one of these but it only gets used 4 times a year. What is it?
A Dining Room Table

35% of men won't do this without asking permission from their wife. What is it?
Change the thermostat

Women tell their girlfriends not to date men in thise occupation. What is #1?

More the 55% of women say this is a turn off when a man does this. What is it?
When they wink at them

Over 30% of women have decided they are not going to do this anymore. What is it?
Use social media

In a recent survey, over half of men say they don't know how to use this. What?
Clothes Washing Machine

86% of married people wish their spouse would do this.
Lose weight

The average woman says she begins to regret this after about 1 hour 10 minutes...
Wearing high heels

It takes the average women more then 40% longer to do this than a man. What is it?
Pick from the Menu

Studies show that women in this profession are most likely to internet date...

23% of single men and women have shared this with their friends. What is it?
Sexting photos

If you have this many partners by your early 20's, you are considered promiscuous.

At what age does a girl start acting like her mother?

More the 55% of men keep one of these close to them most of the time. What is it?
A picture of their car

More than 30% of men are more afraid of this than random violence. What is it?
Going Bald

If a guy is cheap, he tends to be this.

If a man wears this, it helps him in the workplace. If a woman wears this, it hurts.
wedding ring

The most popular occasion for a cookout is the 4th of July.  Third is Memorial Day.  What is #2?

33% of married men sneak out of the house to do this. What is it?
Eat Mom's home cooked meals

Almost 95% of people say this should never happen more than twice when going out to eat...
Being interrupted by the server after the cheap levitra on line food is delivered

Girls with this get hit on the most.
A tramp stamp

45% of parents still do this for their adult kids. What is it?
pay for their cell phone bills

According to a recent Ask Men survey, almost percent of men say they "rarely" or "never" go here. Where is it?
strip clubs

What is the number one mistake women make in a marriage?
Nagging their husband

Almost 50% of women said this would stop them from having sex with a man. What is it?
Moobs (man boobs)

When asked 'what's the best excuse to get out of work'...Almost 55% said this …
Problems with their home, like plumbing, AC, etc.!

Men stress about this the most before their first date.

More than 30% of men never do this ...
Make their bed!

What is the number one way to stay attractive to a woman?
Don't follow her around like a puppy

What is the number one thing moms really want for Mother's Day?
A day of no wiping.

What aggravates you the most at home? Men said it was their neighbors. Women said...
Picking up dirty clothes

What is the number one regret from your 20s?
Not spending more time with your parents

A women is 31% more likely to give their number to a man carrying this.
A guitar

According to a relationship expert this is one of the best ways to determine how good of a lover a man will be. What is it?
How he holds your hand

Everybody finds its essential to have one of this ...but 15% of people don’t have one.  
Alarm Clock

Scientists have found this that make a man immune to seduction.
An antibiotic

According to research when a man is in the presence of a woman he finds it easier to do this activity. What is it?

More than 8% of women are attracted to this person.
Their boyfriend's father.

Sex, a hot shower and this activity get you your best night sleep.

Almost 15% of women are OK with a man doing this on the first date. What is it?
Use a coupon

Most women say they have no problem paying around $100 for this. What is it?
A Bathing Suit

4 year olds are now getting treated for an addiction to this...  What is it?
Their iPads

Only 1 in 16 married couples can say this about their relationship...
They were high school sweethearts

Almost 30% of women say they would rather go to the dentist than do this. What is it?
Visit their Mother In-Law

New Survey says that couples who have met this way have the lowest rate of divorce. How did they meet?
Their mother introduced them

More than 40% of married men claim they have no say when it comes to deciding this. What is it?
Their weekend plans

What percent of people don't believe that sex with a robot would constitute infidelity?

More than 60% of men do this on their wedding day. What is it?
Think about another woman

If a guy talks about this on a first date more than 55% of women will kiss him. What is it?
His Mother

Despite what your teacher told you, students might want to do this in class, because studies show it improves alertness and reaction time by 10%, what is it?
chewing gum

What two words should you never say to a woman?
Calm down

 More than 55% of women believe their significant other lies to them about this. What is it?
Tells her she looks good in an outfit just to end the shopping trip

A website Survey says this is the number #1 everyday thing that a woman can do that is a turn on for guys. What is it?

More than 55% of couples say their first important discussion after marriage was about...

This is the number one secret Almost 40% of women who have been married more than once keep from their husband. What is it?
Her ex has a bigger "package"

More than 10% of  men have done this in an attempt to woo a woman...
Written down the lyrics of a song and given them to her

More than 35% of men will hit on a women when they see this. What is it?
That they are wearing a Uniform

More than 15% of us do this when at a job interview or a date. What is it?
Change our Voice

More than 80% of women over 30 do not do this outside of their home. What is it?

More than 45% of men have done this in regards to their significant other. What is it?
Gone through their purse

A little more than 5% of women never do this. Ever. What is it?
Talk about what happens in the Bed Room

When asked what they wanted to be when they grew up, more than 65% of elementary boys said they would rather be THIS than the president of the U.S. What job did they pick?

More than 61% of men and 38% of women think this is the first thing people notice about them when they meet for the first time. What is it?
Their Cell Phone

More than 65% of us say we can really only tolerate this for 3 seconds before getting upset...
When the light turns green and the car ahead doesn't move

Women do this more in the car than men. What is it?
Curse at other drivers

30% women and 20% of men have confronted a stranger because of this. What is it?
Talking loudly on their cell phone

The Beat The Dial Tone Question: More then 90% of people don't wash this properly or often enough...
wash their pillow

More then 85% of people say this puts them in a better mood. What is it?
Looking at photos of themselves on FB

More than 50% of women say a guy is more attractive if he is doing this in his facebook picture. What is it?
Holding a Musical Instrument.

1 out 10 women have an extra one of these she keeps from her spouse. What is it?
Facebook Profile.

What is the number one wedding rule to break?
Sleeping apart the night before.

More than 45% of women say they wish their partner did this more often. What is it?
Wore cologne

66% of Women are willing to kiss a guy on the first day if they _____________. What is it?
Smell Good.

More than 30% of women said that if a man does this at dinner on the first date, there won't be a second....
Rude to wait staff

More than 60% of couples have argued about this in the kitchen....
Whether or not to rinse the dishes before loading them in the dishwasher

More than 50% of women won't tell their partner what they spent on this. What is it?
Handbags and Purses

More than 30% of women would rather give up their man for a week than this for the same 7 days. What is it?

More than 40% of women admit they have difficulty cooking this. What is it?

More than 50 % of us feel jealous of something a friend has ...what is it?
The size of their TV

When it comes to Physical Activity, more people ended up in Emergency Rooms last year because of this than anything else. What is it?

Almost 90% of women are turned off by a man who does this. What is it?
Talks about how much money he makes.

A new study finds that having one or more of these in the house will lower your IQ. What is it?

Almost 19% of brides-to-be said they had nightmares about their dress. Almost 15% said they had nightmares about.
An embarrassing uninvited guest

If Walt Disney applied for a job at Disney today, he would not be hired because of this…what?
A moustache…employees cannot have facial hair.

According to a new survey, when meeting someone new, the first two things people judge the other person on are their teeth and this.
Their grammar

4 in 10 women will break it off with a guy if they don't like this about him...
his musical taste

Almost 3% of guys say they have borrowed a friend's _______ in order to impress a date...
House or Apartment

What percentage of women share naked photos with their guy?

People in THIS business see a 30% bump in sales right around Valentine’s Day.
Divorce Lawyers

Almost 55% of men are convinced that having a _____ helped them get a date.
Having a dog

47% of men think this is a good way to go for Vday?
Sending their Valentine an E-Card!

40% of men say it's OK for a woman to do this in a relationship, but only 30% of women agree...

What percent of women name their boobs?

35% of women will be noticing this about her guy on a first date ...
If he knows how to eat correctly (manners, etc.)!

Just under half of all men have this in their car, what is it?
Toilet Paper!

Married people will get this more than single people, what is it?

More the 2% of women say this is why they got married...
the presents

When asked, what would make their job more satisfying, 12% of people suggested this...
Free rides to and from work

30% of men want women to do this at work.
Dress more appropriately

What the #1 thing that means more to a man than saying "I love you" to him?
Your undivided attention.

Almost 10% of women have a sweatshirt that they took from an ex and never gave back. More the 5% of women did the same with a...
A hat

Amy Lynn goes shopping. Her total at the register is $103.Amy Lynn pays exactly $103 in cash, using 8 bills, NONE of which is a $1 bill. What combination did she use?...
One 50, two 20s, one 5, four 2s

Americans will eat 1.23 billion what on Super Bowl Sunday?
Chicken wings.

Only 8% of singles would consider doing what?
A long distance relationship.

1 in 12 working Americans have done what?
Stolen a co-worker's lunch.

58% of women say they've cried over this...
their child's first day of school

A recent survey asked married couples to describe their spouse in one word.  What word topped the levitra price list?

Almost 15% of cars on the road have this in common …
The 'check engine' lights are always on!

Women who do this professionally, send a message that their marriage is in trouble.
Work longer hours

What is the top thing men do not notice about you?
A few extra pounds

Womens #1 disliked office gathering. is staff photos at work. What’s  #1 for guys?
Baby Showers

Women spend more then  $2,500 on this in their lifetime?
Finding a husband.

The average man spends 47 minutes a year doing this with his partner
Watching her admire herself (make-up, trying on clothes, etc.)

College Students who watch reality shows are more likely to do this

More the 35% of women who don't work out give this as the # 1 reason why?
They don't want to mess up their hair.

According to wedding experts, this is the #1 thing a groom should NOT take on his honeymoon ...
His laptop computer!

BTDT Question: 45% of men would panic at the thought of their mother seeing this …
Their browsing history!

30% of people who sleep on the left side of the bed are happier about this than 18% of people who sleep on the right side.  Happier about what?
Their job!

A recent study revealed that women get an instant ego boost by doing this ...
Putting on lingerie!

The average woman stops doing what at age 41?
Wearing a mini skirt.

If there is a January surge in this, it will be a sure sign that the economy is improving...
A surge in filings for divorce! 

When asked to name the worst food that could be served at Christmas, people chose 'liver' as the #1 answer. What was #2?....
Lima Beans

At Christmas time, 16% of women don't want to know this...
That you're returning the gift she gave you!

The IRS says the average what makes $8,000 per year?
Mall Santas.

The sale of these feminine items will increase 38% during the holidays ...
 Padded bras

The top 3 things women notice about other women are hair, clothes and european cialis what?
their skin complexion

60% of us want what for Christmas?           

About 49% of  Americans truly despise this, even the thought of it makes them sick.

People who can do this without their hands live longer
stand up from a sitting position

1 in 5 men do this when they are having a bad day?
Call their mom

Men on average spend Almost 20 minutes a day doing this ...

6% of women don’t tell their partner they do what?
Wax their upper lip.

Almost  20% of people say this is our favorite place to hide money ...
Their shoes!

Almost 10% of us will buy presents for whom?

35% of us say the worst that can go wrong when hosting a party is what?
Broken toilet.

54% of employees said that, given the choice they would rather their company NOT do this...
Have an office holiday party

20% of people who bought what are men?
50 Shades of Grey.

The average working woman spends $105 on what?
Her holiday party outfit.

When asked, "What bores you?", Almost 10% of people said "Listening to people talk about their ______"
Their Kids

4% of people celebrate this during the year.  What is it?
Their car's birthday!

48% of working women have done what?
Kissed a co-worker.

33% of employers won't allow you to do what?
Shop online.

The average age that a child starts doing this is 4 1/2 - what is it?
Asking for a cell phone!

Putting kids to bed is the 2nd most stressful situation for a mom.  What is #1?
Taking the kids grocery shopping.

More than 50% of men think they can guess what?
Lingerie sizes.

4% of people have taken a day off of work because of this ...
Stubbed toe!

22% of men think this is the reason they are single ...
Their crappy car!

55% of women admitted to trying to do this to their partner...
Change their partner's style...

4% of people will experience this over Halloween...
Lose a filling on candy!

20% of women prefer a man that has this …..
hairy chests.

According to a recent survey, women talk more about this than gossip. What is it? 
The Weather!!!

According to - Employer fashion pet peeves...#1, an unironed shirt, #2, sneakers...What is #3?
Flip Flops!!!

28% of women have declined a date with someone because they disliked their __________?

24% of North Americans say they have beautiful what?

67% of singles say stories about an ex is the worst topic of conversation on a first date.  What was second on the list?
Personal medical issues

When it comes to online dating, women lie about their weight more than anything else. Men lie about their jobs, followed by this...
Their Activities

The #1 movie guys say they like just to hook up with you.
The Notebook

For the low price of $29.95, you can get a kit that restores your what?

Most Dangerous room in the house

91% of American adults believe they are more likely to fall in love with someone if that person participates in this activity ...

1/3 of moms said that when their kid goes to college, they'll do this with their empty room ...
Make it a big closet for her clothes and shoes!

This is the number one reason the average woman gets mad
People talk behind their back

The #1 turn-off for men, when it comes to women, is tattoos. For women, it's beards. The #2 turn-off for both genders is the same... What is it?
Bad Breath.

people on a diet say chocolate is the 2nd hardest thing to give up. What is #1???

Thousands of women were asked why they broke up with their last boyfriend, and almost 1 in 5 used these two words...
No Chemistry

According to a recent survey – the majority of women said they’re favorite smell is freshly baked bread. What is their second favorite smell?

75% of women dread this more than anything else, what? 
Trying on clothes

women looking for a happy, secure boyfriend should look for a man with THIS!  What is it?
A sister or sisters!

If you have one of these three female names, you are likely to be speeding in your car.
Juliette, Justine or Alexis

80% of women say doing this one simple thing will put them in a better mood.

Putting on lipstick!

85% of exes admit to this.
Facebooking stalking you.

1/3 of women say this is the most important thing they do all day?
Put make-up on.

10% of men said that this event was more important than their wedding day. What is it?
Team winning championship.

90% of a person's personality traits can be determined by this.
Their shoes.

The majority of women polled said they would rather have one of these than a diamond ring?
Walk-in closet

3 out of 4 spouses say their partner can't be trusted to do what?
Wake you up in the morning.

64% of single women have tried to find a date by doing this...what is it?
Asked a relative to hook them up with someone they know!

According to a new sleep survey, 7% of us fall asleep here …

What's the second most popular thing dad's want for Father's Day?
A Home Cooked Meal.

About half the women who are currently dieting are doing it because of what?
They saw a bad picture of themselves on Facebook.

68% of women would give up sex for a month for the perfect this.

In a recent survey, the #1 reason people have a tattoo removed ...
Employment reasons!

The average woman spends $85 on what?

Talking about this makes you feel just as good as having sex.

26% of men have done something women are known for?
They cry at a wedding

What is the number one word that needs to stop being abused?

During the week, when does a woman's libedo peak?
11 pm on Saturday

When it comes to Mother's Day, 7% of moms admit that they have done this...
Thrown their gift away!

What is a woman's number one regret from high school?
Her hair style

7% of women love this, 55% think it's ok, and 30% hate it...
Their Hair

88% of people say that their date's _____ has a bigger impression on them than what they're wearing... 

Women who drive this type of car are most likely to be cheated on.
A Honda

10% of couples have considered splitting up over this …
His snoring!

30% of single men do what to impress a woman?
Clean their bathroom.

How much do women want you to spend on a first date?

A new study shows that women enjoy what as much as having sex.
interior decorating

38% of men say this is their biggest turn-off when it comes to women ...
 Food stuck in between their teeth!

What is the number one silly thing girls worry about on a first date?
Running into her ex.

Women are twice as likely as men to make what mistake while driving?
Hitting the gas pedal instead of the brake.

According to The Notebook of Love, every guy should give his girl a stuff animal, jewlery and this.
His sweatshirt sprayed with his cologne.

88% of people say that their date's ________ makes a bigger impression on them than what they are wearing ...
Their laugh!

What is the number one way to tell your girl she is gaining a little weight?
Buy her clothes that you know are too small for her.

What percent of women are satisfied with their man's specific body part?

If a guy doesn't have this, it is a red flag.
A facebook account

A survey found this to be the #1 thing kids are afraid of that is also a fear when you are an adult...…

58% of women say it’s a major turn off if a guy does this
wink at them

A new survey says that 30% of Married people don't know this about their Spouse. What is it?
How much money they make!

According to, which country has the best looking men?

When it comes to a man's wardrobe, 16% admit this ...
That their mother-in-laws shop for them!

According to a new survey, the number one workplace pet peeve men have is coworkers with poor hygiene. What was the number one pet peeve women have about coworkers?
Coworkers who steal ideas and take credit for them

What percent of women felt uncertain about their child's paternity?

What is the number one thing science says women are attracted to about a man?
When he doesn't smile.

About 5% of new brides-to-be thought what right after the proposal?
They did not like the ring.

What is the number one secret you should keep from him?
Past hook-ups

A survey asked if you could put one thing on your tombstone besides words, what would you pick? 9% chose a picture of BLANK...…
their baby pic

5% of men have worn what?

Men love this type of woman.

21% of people will spend more than 2 hours this year doing this at work...
Researching their NCAA bracket

74% of workers believe what will be extinct within 50 years?

Women who are PMS'ing much more able to detect what?

Most parents will do what when their kids are not home?
Play their kid's video games.

According to a new survey of married couples, the majority think the enter site key to a happy marriage includes doing this at least once a week.

What percent of people think they are the smartest one in their group of friends?

What percent of people would make-out with their boss for a raise?

64% of women have no problem with men who do what?
Shave their legs.

80% of women want
A younger man?

What is the number one thing single women hate to hear?
Maybe you're not trying hard enough.

According to a survey, 9% of couples who took a honeymoon last year had this in common...
They took their kids.

60% of men won't leave home without talking to a woman about what?
What he is wearing.

70% of men said  they would like their spouse

Women were asked if you could be any woman in history, who would you choose? This was the #1 answer...

Half of single women carry these in their purse.
Sexy panties

What is the number one comfort food women turn to after a break-up?

91% of 28-35 year olds regularly do what?
Use their cell phones in the restroom.

This is the number one smell that is a turn-off for women.

Researchers at Virgina Tech have scientifically PROVEN that the longer do this the DUMBER we get.
Going to Meetings.

A recent poll shows that there are 3 things that will ruin a woman’s day. Number 1 a fight with your honey, Number 2 getting yelled at at work, What is number 3?
Clothes that don’t fit

A new survey says If you are depressed, a photo of this will make you in more sad.
your mom

According to a study, only 15% of men will use these even though they are made exclusively for them...
The flap on the front of their underwear.

More women remember their first this than their first kiss.
Their first pair of "good" shoes.

What percent of people would name their kid "Dummy" for $1 million?

Women were asked to name their favorite comfort food, #1 was ice cream followed by mac and cheese. What was #3...

19% of people say it's never okay to do this with your spouse...
Share a toothbrush.

Kids who do drugs, drink and are sexually active, are more likely to have this.
A TV in their room.

women lie 474 times a year about this...
eating. That’s 1.3 lies a day.

What is the number one thing a woman can do to drive a man away?
Be needy or clingy

The number one single girl's resolution for 2012 should be cheap propecia canada to not do this on her first three dates.

1 in 7 of you have done what while drinking?
Shopped online.

1 in 5 women said this is why they will not bring their boyfriend home for Christmas...
they were thinking of breaking up with them

62% of men notice a woman's this first.

Women who do it this many times a week, appear 10 years younger.
4 times a week

After Christmas, 22% of couples were no longer doing this.

Men feel old at 58, women feel old at...

Men with a messy this get more action.
Sock drawer

Almost 50% of women have slept with this person.
Their man's best friend

Women who are this are more successful in love and work.

57% of men in relationships actually enjoy what?
Grocery shopping

This makes men want to approach you in a bar.
Having a blast with your friends.

46% of teens want what instead of a car?
The internet

This celebrity is known for his fungus feet... Who is he?
Robert Pattinson

Women should do this post-date to show you are interested.
Text him and tell him you had a good time.

In a recent survey what was the place where America's happiest women live?

1 in 12 women say they have turned down a date request because they didn't like the guy's...
his glasses

Two out of every ten parebnts make sure their child goes to school with this...
A manicure/pedicure!

In a recent survey, women said that it takes on average, 10 minutes of nagging before her man will do this
Ask for directions!

54% of women would never admit this to a man....
How much they paid for a handbag,

85% of women surveyed said that they can save $250 a year on merchandise by doing this ...

14% of kids under the age of 12 think this is the hardest thing about being a mommy
Taking care of dad!

80% of women said they might enjoy their swimsuit more this summer if it weren't for this.
Other women!

71% of working Americans don’t like it when their co-workers do what?
Wear flip flops to work.

42% of women say that only their best friend knows this about them ..
What their real hair color is!

25% of women and 15% of men have done what?
Dumped someone via text.

56% of people have forgotten this, and 3% of those had to call for help...
Where they parked the car

According to research results revealed at the recent Sleep
Study Convention in Canada, women are twice as likely as men to do this….
Dream about sex with a celebrity than men.

Studies have shown that women are more attracted to men who don't do what?
Don't smile.

Only  9% of women enjoy doing this ...
Looking in the mirror!

Women who do this make on average $500,000 more in the career.
Keep their maiden name

About 25% of people have done this before bed ..
Placed baby powder on themselves instead of showering!

When a woman wears a bikini, it makes it hard for her to do what?

According to a cosmo web poll, 65% of men have day dreamed about this?
Their wedding day.

According to a cosmo web poll, 65% of men have day dreamed about this?
Their wedding day.


85% of men say that this determines whether or not they ask out a woman...
If she shows an interest!!

When asked what family activity they would choose for Fathers Day, 46% of dad's said this would be nice.
Yard work!

Most arguments, between women, happen at this place.  Where is it?
Garage Sales

According to a survey of women, this is the biggest turn off in a man's bedroom...
Themed Sheets

When out on a date, 9% of men said they don't want to do this...
Get the door

46% of people in a relationship say they have never done this for their partner...
Make breakfast in bed!

This makes you love your man less.
His laziness.

42% of men believe they have what?
Male PMS

4 out of 10 guys will not ask a woman out on a 2nd date if she does this during the 1st date.  What is it?
If she snorts when she laughs

According to a survey of divorced women, this is when 30% of them first knew something was wrong with the marriage...
On Their Wedding Day

The #1 profession of characters in romance novels is doctor. What's #2?...

A new Facebook poll asked people who would be the worst possible celebrity
travel companion. This person was number one:
Snooki from Jersey Shore

60% of women wish they could do what every night?
Take a bath.

30%  of married women think this or have thought this.
They married the wrong guy?

64% of women say this is the most important thing in their wardrobe.  What is it?
Answer: Little black dress

There are two jobs in which 97% or more of the work force is female. One is preschool/kindergarten teacher. What's the other?...
Dental hygienist!

60% of women have at least one of what lying around at home?
Workout video.

40 thousand Americans are hurt by

39% of newly married men will do this.
Carry their bride over the threshold

22% of hiring managers said this would make them less likely to hire you...
Not sending a thank you card!

The average guy spends about 40 minutes per day, doing what?
Looking at Women

11% of women have dumped a man for this reason
His obsession with sports!

When one person yawns, everyone does it.  Just like yawning, this has been proven to be contagious too.  What is it?
 Scratching an itch

40% of women say "this" is the sexiest thing a man can wear.  What is it?
Jeans and buying generic propecia a sweater

18% of men admit that they've done this during their leisure time...
Read a romance novel

Women are more likely than men to ruin a date by doing this...
Bringing a friend

50% of women do this when they first get to their seat at a movie theater.
Take off their shoes.

The average woman does this at the age of 32
Becomes their mom

Women were asked to name the biggest turn offs in men, the #1 answer was beards. What was #2?
Ear Piercings

When women were asked what they're most likely to keep from a guy after a breakup, jewelry was the top answer followed by a t-shirt. What was third?...
Mix tape/CD!

43% of women admit they have lied to a man about this...
Being in Love with Him

35% of women in a relationship have at least one what?
Ex’s phone number.

Recent survey asked men this question – What food reminds you of your wife? Nearly 60% of men said this – what is it?
 A can of mixed nuts!

According to a survey, 60% of men are convinced that they...
Have a great butt!

It might be a little uncomfortable for him, but 1 in 5 women would love to do what to their man?
Implant them with a GPS

For lent, 11% of participants are giving up _____...

What is the #2 most hated houseshold chore for men?
Dusting (#1: Ironing, #3: Vacuuming, #4: Taking out the trash)

Five Percent of women say they would give this up if it meant that they would not gain another pound?
Give up their best friend

What is the #1 occupation that women will not date?
Funeral Director!!! 

66% of men say they are completely reliant on their partners for this...
When and what they eat

70% of women find it tacky when a man does this.  What is it?
Wears a gold chain

According to experts, single women looking for a happy, secure boyfriend, should find a man with one of these?
Answer: A sister

8% of men in relationships have done this and lived to regret it?
Threw out their significant other’s clothes.

A recent poll says that 67% of women admit to spying on their partners.
58% say they have looked int their kids behavior...15% have spied on...
their boss.

When asked what does your husband do that you hate the most? This was the #1 answer...

44% of men said that hair is the first thing they notice about a woman
Her Hair 

33% of women say they’re less attracted to men who do what?
Wear a blue tooth

According to a survey, this is the food most craved by pregnant women...

A new poll on favorite smells had fresh bread on top followed by rain, lavender and
A wood fire!

57% of people say this is holding them back
from finding true love. What is it?
The ex.

1 in 12 people say they've ended a friendship after doing this with the person...
Playing board Games

44% of two and three year-olds can play a basic computer game, but 43% can't do what?
Ride a bike

25% of people have missed a day of work because of this.  What is it?
Sore muscles due to a workout

47% of People say they would give this up?
Cable TV

New survey says this is the WORST actress of all time.
Madonna.  15 Razzie nominations and 9 wins

27% of women say the wrong what can ruin their day?

A new survey says this is a sign that your man is cheating if he started doing this

In a new relationship the average woman waits 2 and half months to do this.
Show their face without makeup

New Survey says stubble in the sink is the #1 argument trigger
What is the #2 trigger
Dirty Stains in the toilet.

When asked "What do you miss the most about school?", 19% of people said...
Field Trips

A surveyof 43,000 online daters shows that women get more attention if guys think they’re?

39 percent of women said that it's a turn-on when guys list this as a personal interest
video games"

90% of singles say this is a guaranteed deal breaker on a first date...
An annoying voice!

30% of women say they do this after breaking up with their boyfriend.
Get a new hairstyle.

Half of women about to be married women wish this?
their engagement ring was bigger

What is the number one everyday, random turn on for guys?
Doing yoga.

2% of men surveyed felt that this is the tackiest thing a woman can do ... 
 Toss and play with her hair!

In a Glamour magazine survey about clothes, 85% of women admitted doing this...
 Wearing dirty clothes

According to a recent survey, this is the one thing that men least like to talk about. What is it?

At Christmas time, 16% of women don't want to know this...
That you're returning the gift she gave you!

Just under 65% of Americans do this every day, even though it's unpleasant and they don't have to! What is it
Wear shoes that don’t fit.

When asked about the thing they regret buying the most 14% of people said this?

Only 6% of us have indulged in what holiday tradition?
Roasting chestnuts on an open fire.

According to a survey, this is the leading cause of arguments on Christmas Day...
The TV remote control!

15% of moms have been enticed to do this at the holidays...
Flirt with a salesperson to get the hot "in-demand" Christmas toy.

When it's decision time this is decided 60% of the time by women, 30% of the time by men, and 10% of the time by kids.  What is being decided?
What movie to rent

By age 14, the average child will see 11,000 _____
Murders on tv

The NY Post recently had the top things you should never say to a man. #1 ?
 "You'll never amount to anything."

53% of would be brides say this is the worst thing that could happen on their wedding day...what?
Getting a zit!

19% of guys lie about this on the first date
Their Car

41% of woman think it's okay to ask this taboo question on a first date.
How much money does the guy make?

"According to Glamour Magazine, the average woman will kiss how many
men before marriage"
The answer is 79.

A new survey says that 60 percent of single people would rather have a
this than a new laptop.
A kiss on New Years Eve in NYC

20,000 men were asked, "If you could change one thing about your partner, what would it be?"
 (47%) said I'm thrilled with everything and best cialis price choose none of the above." 23% of the guys said they would alter her sexual appetite.

On Thanksgiving, 8,944 people called the Butterball hotline to ask...
Where does the thermometer go?

17% of bosses say they do this and their employees wouldn't be happy to find out they do
Check on them during a sick day.

A recent survey asked Americans to name the most stressful thing in their lives. #1 was mortgage payment. What was #2?
Having family over for the holidays!

This toy was invented back in 1890 and was  inducted into the “Toy hall of fame”…what was it? Cardboard box

15 % admit that they are not confident in doing this.
changing light bulb

A survey of 1,000 women found this to be what impresses them the most early in a relationship...
being on time

28% of singles have ended a relationship because of this.
Playing to many video games

The more education a woman has, the more likely she is to do this. What is it? 
Cheat on taxes

Men are 2.5 times more likely to do this on a first date than women...
say I love you

Of the 10 most inappropriate places to flirt...#3 is at a funeral...#2 the gym.  What was #1?
A hospital waiting room

99% of wives feel their husbands lie frequently.
#1 lie is I'LL NEVER LIE TO YOU!
#2 is "I didn't have relations with that woman But What is #3?
#3, "My old girlfriend, she was just OK". #4 is "You're the
best"! ...Followed by, "I don't want whoopie unless you want to". "I
tried to call you", "Nothings wrong", I wasn't looking at her chest",
"I can fix it", "That dress looks fine".

According to a survey, 36% of men said they fear THIS more than death!!
Gaining weight!

25% of people do this 2 times a week.
Shower.  Their is actual research that says this is good for you???

According to a survey by Men's Health Magazine, 77% of women
would prefer to receive one of these, instead of a diamond
solitaire necklace. What do they want?
A High Definition TV!

In a recent poll people were asked "Who are you most surprized is still alive." Who is it?
Ozzy Osbourne!

Men who have this are better prepared for marriage. They've
experienced pain and bought jewelry.
pierced ears

You're more likely to do this on a Monday morning before work, than any other day or time of the week.  What?
Call your own cellphone because you can't find it

The least desired Halloween candy is Tootsie Roll but what is #2.
3.Jolly Rancher
4.Circus Peanuts (mushy)
5.Necco Wafers

According to a recent survey of office workers, 48% said this is the most inconsiderate thing you could do at work.  What is it?
Take the last of the coffee and not make more.

12 % of people said that they have seen someone with one of these in the last 30 days?
A Mullett!

Question: Nearly 30% of Americans said their life would be miserable without this. What is it?
#1: Jeopardy, #2: Pyramid, #3: Price is Right, #4: Family Feud, #5: Deal or No Deal, #6: Match Game, #7: Let's Make a Deal, #8: Password, #9: Who Wants To Be a Millionaire, #10: Wheel of Fortune

Almost half of parents say they this is their least favorite thing about their kids’ going to school?

1/3 of men fear this, what? 
Their wife's driving

According to a recent survey, what is the #1 parental saying kids hate most?
Money doesn't grow on trees

18% of people have admitted doing this in the nude?
Clean the shower.

In a survey of women about their partner's annoying habits...leaving the toilet seat up was the number one most annoying habit.  What was number two?
leaving wet towels on the bed

According to Marie Claire magazine, having one of these has become a new status symbol for women in 2010. 
A stay at home Husband

Women were asked what food reminds you of your husband. 1/3 said _____

#1 Complaint amongst highschool students.( it has to do with their teachers)
That teachers can text during class but they get detention if they do it.

55% of Americans say they keep one of these in the car at all times.
A roll of toilet paper

12% of people say this is the reason they hate their job.
Their chair hurts their butt.

65% of Women say doing this has the same effect as good sex.
Finding a great discount or bargain.

30% of parents think what is boring?
Playing with their kids.

In a recent survey, 49% of people said the smell of this brings back happy childhood memories..

More then 25% of online daters don't trust other online daters who do this...
Use too many emoticons!

According to a women's health magazine, what's the main complaint most women have about their hotel room?
Quality of toilet paper

One in five women do this on a daily basis. Women aged 20 - 35 are
most likely to do it. By contrast, only 5% of grown men admit they
do it.
A: sleeping with a stuffed animal

35% of women think what should be allowed in the workplace?
Bare Legs.

20% of parents paid for this for their kid’s back to school
(teeth whitening)…

Crayons are the most likely things a kid will stick up his nose. Followed by _____...
French Fries

25% of Couples are not doing this?
Sleeping together

33% of women do this everyday?
Talk on the phone in the bathroom.

Talk on the phone in the bathroom.Almost 10% of people  has ruined a first date by doing what?" locked keys in the car.

The average woman does this 21,000 times in their lifetime.
Trys on clothes

31% of men have NEVER done this for their wife.
purchased flowers for her

67% of guys find women most attractivewhen they’re wearing what?
Workout clothes.

A new survey in Cosmo say the  number one trait that makes a guy irresistible is?
“the wink”

20% of men say this is the most important trait
for a potential relationship. What is it?
She has to be intelligent.

According to this woman should stop doing this by the time they are 30
Calling her father “daddy.”

According to the show Family Feud, what's the #3 thing teenage girls look forward to?
Wearing makeup (#1: Dating, #2: Prom, #4: First kiss, #5: Driving)

37 percent of people say they think of this when they are gettng busy. 
A Best friend.

Nearly half of woman in a recent survey won’t date a man who does what?
Gets a pedicure.

On average, parents say this to their children 4 times a week
Tie your shoes

In a nationwide survey, kids were asked what they'd most like to do if given an extra hour in the day. This was the #1 answer..
Spend more time with their family!

56% of women admit to doing this to their Hubby/BF.
At least once.

2 in 10 spouses have a secret what?
Credit Card

4% of Grooms have this in common.
They asked her parents for their blessing.

This is the #1 occupation of women who marry millionaires...

According to recent poll, besides food & money, what's the #1 item you'd like a lifetime supply of?
Cable TV service!

New Survey says this is the #1 thing you should never say to your mate.
1.My ex was a better cook.
           Others on the list were:
2.I’ve had better sex.
3.How many women you’ve really had sex with.
4.Your girlfriend is really hot.
5.You need to lose weight.
6.I’m smarter than you.
7.I make more money than you.
8.I can’t stand your family.
9.I’d rather watch the game with the guys than hang out with you.
10.You always do this or never do that.

A new study came out that said women found guys who do this are sexy, powerful and
more desirable on a subliminal level. 
Wear Red.

If you're an average women, you will do this about 5 times a day.
If you're an average MAN, you'll do it only 3 times a day. What is it?

2 out of 10 women would give up great sex for this...for what?
Endlessly perfect hair
Salon Selective survey of 1,000 women. 20 percent would give up
great sex or personal wealth if some genie personal wealth if some genie would grant them eternally
perfect hair.

More then 15 percent of men would change what about the woman in their life?
Her moodiness.

4 in 10 women lie to each other about this.
How they look

1 out of 5 men sing in the shower.  What is the most popular song they are singing?
"Roxanne" by the Police!!!!

A new survey by women list this as the #5 thing that guys should not do after 30.... play video games is #2.
Get a Tattoo!

Guys spend $54 a year on this

87 percent of women are doing this or have done this and its sneaky...hint not lying.
Hiding something from their man

A recent study shows that people with kids have lower IQ's than people

A new survey listed the Top 5 things every single woman should have in her purse.
What was number 3?

1. Toothbrush
2. Birth control
3. Panties
4. Gum or mints
5. Your #1 makeup necessity

On a first date 54% of women judge their date by this.  What is it?
Their cell phone!!!

According to a new survey (on Family Fued) what is #4 on the list of best things to do on a date?
A picnic (#1: Out to dinner, #2: Movie, #3: Theme park, #5: Dance, #6: Beach, #7: concert)

1 in 5 people fear this…..
Dying while having sex

A new study says that women who do this are about to dump their man!
Who dye their hair red from another color

When asked "If you were stranded on a desert island and could only have 1 thing" what was the #1 answer?
Their pet

40% of French fathers wish they could do this ...
Get pregnant and experience labor pains!

8% of guys have done this but they don't want their buddies to know.
Paint their wife's toenails

The Average woman thinks about this 43 times a day.
Her Hair

A recent study shows that the more of this you have... apparently, the
more intelligent you tend to be. What is it?
Body hair

In a recent survey, 47% of people said it's never ok to sell this on ebay...
A wedding dress

The average woman has about 6 of these…what are they??
6 things from a previous relationship

Two out of five girls between 8 and 15 said this is one of the most important things in their life. What is it?

According to a survey - Women said this is the WORST activity to do on a 1st date - What is it?
Play Miniature golf!

In a recent survey, men listed the cell phone as the best gadget ever.  What did a majority of women choose?
Hair straightener!!!  

For 68% of women it's left. For 70% of men it's right...
The side of the bed they sleep on

According to a survey of bosses, this ticks them off the most....when their employees do what?
When they click out of something they were looking at on the computer when the boss walks by.

In a recent survey, 43 percent of women said this determines whether or not she wants to date a guy.
a man's cd collection

The average woman needs 4 of these to be happy.

According to a survey, 40% of men and 27% of women do this when they're naked. What is it?
Talk on the phone

Over 90% of Mothers have done this to their child when it comes to discipline…
what is it??
Give them the 1-2-3 countdown

What is the #1 thing people keep in their nightstand??
A bag of chips!!!

1 out of 4 workers say this ticks them off when their co-workers do this. What is it?
Give them a hug

A survey asked married couples if they could hypnotize their spouse to do anything what would be the first thing you would have them do?
Clean the House

60% of women secretly hate this.
Bridal Showers

92% of men have no problem doing this, while 26% of women have no problem doing it either.  What is it?
Using the other genders restroom when theirs is occupied.

According to an insurance company survey, female drivers are 78% more likely than men to do this...
lose their keys

66% of women said that choosing this is as personal as choosing their make-up ...
Choosing the chocolate they eat!

1000 women in a survey say that this is the celebrity they would like to have a baby with
Johnny Depp

Experts say that having this at your work space gives you a 9% better chance of getting a raise
A Candy Dish

50% of workers in a recent poll said this is the perk they want most on the job.  What is it?
Free Soda pop

New survey says this is the hardest age to parent.
14 for girls ...mostly because they are so moody.

40% of High School students will do this...
Lie to their parents about where they are going after prom.

On average, females do this better than males at every age. What is it?
At least not in my house ….

The average woman does this better then guys at every age.

The Average Women will do this 10 times before making this purchase.
Try on 10 bathing suits before buying

New Survey Says this is the most annoying song of all time. #1 it's a small world but what is #2?
I love you - Barney

The average woman will do this 4 times a week (hin't: maybe those girls in High school really weren't blowing me off when they told me this)
Washing their hair

8% of secretaries surveyed said that they would rather do this than have lunch with the boss ...
Eat dirt!

The average mom spends 55 minutes a week doing this.

7% of Americans have married for this reason.
Health Insurance

A new study claims that this is the most dangerous food to eat while driving.
Potato Chips

The average woman will do this for 20 hours 30 minutes this year...
Shoe shopping

A  majority of women say this makes them happy and it has nothing to do with diamonds, kids or chocolate.  What is it?

74% of women would do this...clue is dating
Date a Professional Athlete

7% of Americans have ended a relationship for this reason. What is it?
Because their pet didn't like their significant other

2 out of 5 married men will do this sometime before they've been married 6 years.
Lose Their Wedding ring

Men are more ___________ when in the presence of a beautiful woman ...
Accident prone!

45% of men said this was a big turn-off for them on a first date.  What is it?

When asked to describe their ideal guy, 41% of women said they are turned on by  ...
 A stubbly man!

According to relationship experts, what is the best opening line a guy can say?
"Hi, what’s your name?"

21% of married couples believe this is the best way to avoid arguments.
Separate checking accounts.

What text message phrase do guys most want to receive
Thinking of you

85% of women surveyed admit to doing this at least once a week.
Re-wearing dirty clothes

Controversial website Ashley Madison reveals this is the most adulterous profession for women.

When a women does this body movements towards you, it means she is interested.
Opens her legs.

What is the number one lie men tell you about sex to avoid conflict?
I've never thought about sleeping with one of your friends.

When asked what people would want most if standed on a deserted Island, 6% of people said this.
A Pillow

1000 Women surveyed. The question: What's the most impressive thing a guy can do early in a relationship? What was the Number One answer?
Be punctual!

What percent of women would want a good looking man over a rich man?

87% of women say they've done it at least once while 11% of women say they do it all the time...
Go to bed with their makeup on

Women who do this are perceived as smarter,wealthier and more ambitious.  What is it?
Wear High Heels

After a baby learns "mama", "dada" and "no", what word do experts say they learn next?

61% of us said they would like to have this at work. What is it?
free massages

24% of women have these in their purse right now.
Mints from a restaurant

New survey says Facial stubble and viagra cost in canada a geeky personality topped a list of secret turn-ons for women.  What was the 3rd biggest turn on…
A hairy chest

What is the number one piece of advice women say you should not do with your dating profile?
Don't wear sunglasses in your profile picture

Women Spend two and half months of their lives doing this..
Staring at Men (men spend almost a year staring at women.

75% of husbands do not know this about their wife.
The name of her perfume

The average woman has 5 to 10 of these in her closet.
Clothes with tags still on them from the store.

New survey says this is the #1 place for girls to experience their first kiss.
Their backyard

45% of guys say if a woman wants to be sexier she should.....
Wear glasses

18 % of Moms say they keep this from their kids.
That they have breast implants

20% of men don't know this...
When Valentines Day is

58% of Women find this a turn off from men.
Guys who wink

59% of women and 39% of men have done this at work and its very sneaky.
Looked at a co-workers pay stub.

60% of lades say they would never date a guy with this trait.
If he is skinnier then she is.

What is the #1 lie women tell men?
I wouldn't change a thing about you.

Women were asked what beauty product their husband borrowed the most. This was the #1 answer..

Women were asked "what makes you happiest?" #1 was losing weight. #2 was a romantic getaway. #3 was getting a promotion, followed by _____
Hearing from an old friend!

More then a Million of these will be sold this year but more then 60% will never be used.
Swim Suits

New Survey says this is the #1 reason people flirt at work.
To Get someone to do their work for them.

The Odds are about 1 in 70 that an adult has never been here.
The Dentist.

95% of women do this when they go to the Gyno.
Hide their underwear.

What is the #1 sign that she is psychotically jealous according to
She knows things about you before you tell her.

Almost 10% of Americans admit they were afraid of these as children, and they're still frightened of them as adults...
12% of women say they wish their man had made this his new years resolution.
Get a promotion

6% of women say that they never do this  ...

Most married couples say their first fight was about this. What was it?


People With This live longer then those that don't
Have a name that begins with the letter A

40% of women do this immediately after a break up
Get a hair style/hair cut

42% of people admit this will cause them to form a negative opinion when they first meet someone...
Sweat Stains

According to a survey in Cosmo more than half of single men do this before a first date?
Change the sheets.

According to a UNC study, women find this feautre most important on a man?
His teeth.

15% of women say they have told a first date they hate it when men do this, but the guy continues to do it...
Wear too much cologne

Weds 12/09/098
23% of Christmas cards this year will have this in common...
Signed with their pets name too

Tuesday 12/08/09
More then 40% of people say they would rather spend more money on their monthly bills then do this ….
Clean The Shower

Monday 12/01/09
49% of women would describe their man with one word. What is it?

Weds 12/02/09
Recent Cosmo Survery listed 6 things guys notice with 6 seconds of meeting a woman.  Among the list: Her smile, hair and cleavage.  But one of the six made no sense to me.
Her Purse

Tuesday 12/01/09
The #1 thing left behind in Las Vegas hotels is Adult toys ...what is #2
False Teeth

Monday 11/30/09
The average what weighs seven pounds?
A woman’s purse.

When asked what hobby they found most attractive in men, 17% of women said this

When asked what driving habit of others annoyed them the most, 25% of people said this...
Reading while driving

According to a study, a woman is 20 times more likely to be hit on if she is _____...
Walking a dog

According to a survey, this is the #1 cause of arguments between couples at a restaurant...
Stealing French fries

92% of women say they will never date a man who wears _____...
Leather Pants

A recent survey found that the #1 thing forgotten by adults is where they put their keys. This is #2...
Why they went to the store

When asked what one word describes their dream vacation, the word most often used by women was romantic. This was the #1 word used by men...

The poll question asked if aliens arrived tomorrow I hope they bring _____. This was the #1 answer...

Women were asked to complete this sentence: I'd love to add a special room to my house where I could _____.
Get away from my family