Googs Open Letter to Directioners using lyrics from One Direction songs.

Dear Devastated One Direction Fan:
Hi it’s me Google. I know that yesterday’s news of Zayn Malik leaving is not sitting well with you and has probably kept you UP ALL NIGHT. Mr. Malik was IRRESISTIBLE to you, and your Facebook is filled with crying, screaming and even a video of you lighting candles. Zayn was your SUMMER LOVE, his British accent and dashing good looks TRULY MADLY DEEPLY, “STOLE MY HEART” as you put it so beautifully. I WANT you to know this ONE THING, everything will be okay!!! even when the NIGHT CHANGES. Harry, Louis, Niall and Liam will still be buying viagra in new zealand there for you ONE WAY OR ANOTHER, providing you with IRRESISTIBLE MOMENTS that will give you many, many more MIDNIGHT MEMORIES. You may feel as though you were given your LAST FIRST KISS and you wanted so much MORE THAN THIS from Mr. Malik. YOU AND I Both, One Direction fan, YOU and I Both. I’m sure if Zayn were here right now he would HAPPILY tell you to LIVE WHILE YOU’RE YOUNG. I WOULD like to remind you that Simon Cowell’s boys are going to continue as a four piece on their world tour and will record a 5th album later this year, that might just included the BEST SONG EVER, and will have you falling in love with them all OVER AGAIN. THEY DON’T KNOW ABOUT US, but i know that you have HALF A HEART right now, Zayn won’t be there to KISS YOU through the speakers anymore. You’re filled with STOCKHOLM SYNDROME but at the same time you want to scream out STORY OF MY LIFE!!! STEAL MY GIRL??? HA! I Thought I was your girl Zayn!! Why do you have to levitra without a prescription ROCK ME and my emotions?!?!?! C’MON C’MON Zayn!, it’s GOTTA BE YOU!!!…… Over time, One Direction Fan these feelings of cheap levitra without prescription loss will turn into LITTLE THINGS and in no time at all people will look at you and say SHE’S NOT AFRAID to love again!!!
Keep your head up Directioner, DON’T FORGET WHERE YOU BELONG, that’s…… WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL!!!