Katy Perry Unleashes Mega Rant Against "Perverted" Paparazzi in Australia, Shares Her Own Bikini Photo
Katy Perry was NOT happy about being photographed at the beach in Australia this weekend. However, she did share on ordering viagra Twitter her own pic showing herself wearing a bikini during her visit. The 30-year-old pop star, who has shared similar pics on social media before, is currently on her Prismatic world tour and began performing in the country on Nov. 7. This past Saturday afternoon Australia time, she unleashed on her Twitter page a 142-word rant against unnamed celebrity photographers in the country who she says had followed her to a beach.

Nick Jonas Confirms He's No Longer a Virgin: "I'm an Adult"
Purity rings, be gone! Newly minted sex symbol Nick Jonas confirmed to Wendy Williams that he is not a virgin! The "Jealous" singer appeared on her talk show to discuss everything from his hot new look to his role on the just try! show Kingdom, but let's be honest, we're focused on prescription for viagra his physical and sexual transformation. Because the purity rings were such a staple in the Jonas Brothers' lives—Nick has since removed his—the outspoken host immediately jumped on the opportunity to find out whether or not Nick regrets ever wearing it.

Bono's Gruesome Cycling Injuries Revealed: U2 Frontman Has 5-Hour Surgery, 3 Plates and 18 Screws Installed in His Arm
Turns out Bono had a far bloodier Sunday than we knew about. Two days after U2 initially confirmed that the singer had "injured his arm in a cycling spill" over the weekend, one of Bono's doctors painted the full picture for Rolling Stone, revealing that the patient needed five hours of flvc.org.uk surgery on his smashed-up left arm and then had another operation the following day to repair his left hand.