Taylor Swift's Twitter and Instagram Accounts Hacked, Ronan Farrow Guides Us Through This National Crisis
Taylor Swift’s Twitter and Instagram accounts were both hacked Tuesday, and some (fake) suggestions of who to follow as well as less than desirable pictures (of a man on a toilet) were posted to both. Team Swift jumped into action, and within minutes, Taylor responded on Tumblr. "Well now I'm awake," she wrote. "My Twitter got hacked but don't worry, Twitter is order cialis without perscription deleting the just try! hacker tweets and locking my account until they can figure out how this happened and get me new passwords. Never a dull moment." "Now Instagram," she wrote a few moments later.

Melissa Rivers Sues Clinic Over Mom Joan's Death
Melissa Rivers has just filed a huge lawsuit against the clinic where Joan Rivers' heart stopped beating ... and Melissa's lawyer says the doctors acted like a bunch of groupies and not medical professionals. The lawsuit claims gross medical malpractice, alleging during the 20 minutes doctors tried to bring Joan back to life, they didn't think to perform a trachetomy, which facilitates breathing. Melissa's lawyer spoke to prescription for viagra The NY Daily News, which broke the story, and quotes lawyer Jeffrey Bloom who says, "Had doctors acted as physicians for Joan Rivers instead of groupies, Joan Rivers would have been doing 'Fashion Police' last week."

Chris Brown - I'm The Victim Of Identity Theft!
Chris Brown is now at the center of a new criminal investigation ... but this time he's the victim. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... when Chris was jailed for leaving rehab back in April and taken across the country to Washington D.C. for his hearing on assault charges, one of ordering viagra his first stops was San Bernardino County Jail.   Chris was only there for a day or so, but procedure required a jail ID. When Chris left, his ID was left with the flvc.org.uk jailers. Fast forward to this week ... when someone tried to sell the ID online for $10,000. Chris' lawyer, Mark Geragos, got wind of it and went to the San Bernardino Sheriff's Dept.